Leadership Definition Example – Term Paper

What is leadership

Harold S. Geneen said leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and actions. All living creatures tends to have appointed or default leaders. I would like to look into three main important characteristics of a leader in all settings of life. First, a leader must be visionary. H/she must be in a position to plan about the future, have a clear focus where he/she is taking his/her people. Someone once said, “the far you see, the far you will go” and I strongly agree with this. Secondly, A good leader must be courageous. After having a clear plan where they are going as a team, an organization, he/she must be bold enough to match forward despite of all the challenges that may arise. As bold as a lion in pursuing what he/she believes is the best for his/her people. Last but not least, a leader needs to have a positive attitude. As a leader, your attitude determines your altitude. The far you will go or take your people, it all depends with your attitude. With a clear vision, courage to pursue your vision and having a positive attitude every leader will be successful in his/her leadership.