Math autobiography – Term Paper

Value mathematics

Math as a subject is loved by a few people, and many people argue that mathematics has little value in their lives. I believe that mathematics is essential to the society and has contributed to the development of the society in many ways. Math lays the foundation for scientific innovations and invention.

My overall attitude towards mathematics is that I have mixed feelings about the subject. Sometimes I find the subject fascinating and other times I find it boring with difficult concepts. The reason I have such feeling towards mathematics is that sometimes I have difficulties grasping some concepts. I am to some extent confident in my skills in math, but sometimes the confidence flies away when I encounter comprehensive units in mathematics. I think plenty of practice in areas that I find challenging in math can help boost my confidence at all times. I like seeking help with math because I believe it helps me understand some points that I might have I missed. I have been tutored in mathematics severally, and my experience was that a tutor could determine one’s attitude towards the subject

Using and understanding mathematics

Math can be used in different workplaces such as banking sector, a warehouse, and human resource department among others (Bessot ; Ridgway, 2006). Math is used in the workplace to keep the record of for instance inventory, staff performance among others. Math is also used as a guide in decision making in the workplace by calculating probability or profitability of a given project (Bessot ; Ridgway, 2006). Math is not used in the workplace, but it is useful in the daily life of people. Through math, people keep track of their expenditure as well as proper management of time and other scarce resources.

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Mathematics is an essential subject and people should be enlightened on its essence because many people dread the subject. Many aspects of management in the contemporary society involve some aspects of mathematics, and thus learners with dreams running successful entities must take math seriously. Personally, I will put necessary efforts to ensure that I score good grades in mathematics because it will determine my career path (Larson, 2013).


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