Term Paper on WTO

Trade Organization Term Paper:

World Trade Organization is the international organization founded in 1995 in order to maintain the liberalization of the international trade and management of the political and trade treaties between the member countries of the organization. The idea of the creation of WTO appeared in 1947 after World War II to make the international trade fair and easy. For more than 50 years the organization fulfilled its duties without possessing the legal name of an organization, which is received in 1995 (before all the processes were regulated by acts and documents of the countries which signed them).

The aim of WTO is to regulate the processes of the international trade and follow the conditions of the economic acts signed by the member countries. It is obvious that the major purpose is to make the global trade fair and liberal, so that to provide every country with the chance to trade fairly on the international market receiving the maximum of pluses from it.

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There are several main principles of WTO: the equality of rights (all the members of the organization have equal opportunities to trade with one another); transparency of the activity (every country which trades according to the acts of WTO has to declare all the treaties, the expenditures and profit without hiding any information from the member countries showing that it trades fairly); standardization of the activity (every country has to follow the general standards and norms of trade in order to be called a reliable and fair member); the safety of the activity (the member countries of WTO are protected from cheating with the help of the sanctions which are set on the countries which break the treaty illegally).

WTO is a powerful and important international organization which regulates the global trade and its issues. The student who is writing WTO term paper is expected to demonstrate patience and present the full description of the organization, its history, tasks, strong and weak sides, etc. It is important to observe the member countries of the organization and observe their activity there following the scandals and their reliability. One can judge the effectiveness of WTO in the global trade on the examples of the definite cases which have occurred during the long time of its existence.

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