MCWP 6 -11 Leading Marines – Term Paper

Leading Marines Book Report

Leading Marines is a book published by the US Department of the Navy under the section of the Marine Corps. The primary of the book is to give the general information on how the Marines’ Corps operates, and what make them determined at all time to protect the American interests both internally and externally. There are three sections in the book which contains the most variable information about all Marines in the country. This paper aims at producing a book review based on the three parts outlined in this book. It will also give a personal reflection on the issue addressed in the book.

The book starts by introducing the cultures of the marines which distinguishes them from other military forces in the country and also outside the country. In this culture section, the author establishes that Marines are individual who are uniquely forged through shared experience and specialized training, and thus they exhibits a culture unique to them (Corps, 12). They exhibit a lot of loyalty to their leaders, as they understand who is a leader and follower. It is also a rich history of marines that has made each one of them a rifleman, and thus they all understanding using the rifle is their principal obligation.

The second section of the book addresses the issue of the foundation in which Marines are established. In this chapter, the writer introduces the ethical values which guide the Marines in their duties. According to the book, it is principles like strong leadership values, respect to leaders and fellow Marines, exuding courage, and been resourceful among others which make marines a military unit of high standards (Corps, 32). Marines also have a strong moral philosophy which an ordinary society cannot handle, and thus they execute their duties efficiently.

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The final section outline challenges that the Marines encounters in their line of duty, and how their overcome such shortcomings. The author states that the Marines’ major problems in the line of duty include friction issues, physical challenges, and moral disturbances (Corps, 64). However, the Marines evade this issue by using several unique ways that help them to operate in their optimal. Some of the ways in which Marines overcomes these problems include adapting to such situation, making innovations in those areas, and also by having a personal will to overcome among others.

The book is well elaborated and gives the information’s about the Marines in detail. It opens the reader eyes on the operations and conducts of the Marines, by giving history and examples. These examples and experience also enhance the writer central theme on the culture, foundation, and challenges found within the Marine Corps. The author also improves the book by using standard military terms which make it even more attractive. My favorite one is “once a marine always a marine” (Corps, 8). The book is also chronologically arranged to help readers understand better, and thus I would recommend it to anybody who wants to know more about the American marines.

In conclusion, the above documentation has presented a review based on the book Leading Marines. It has also given a personal reflection on the issue addressed in the book. According to the review, this book is divided into three section based on culture, foundation, and challenges of the Marines. It has also been concluded that the book is worth reading as it is informative and professionally written. ;

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