Project Planning Template – Term Paper

Project planning example

Lesson objectives:

The objective of this lesson is to help student’s identity countries using color codes. The teacher will teach students how to collaborate in class work, use movement to improve concentration, use signals, and color charts.

Lesson: Introduction (5 minutes)

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The first five minutes is for classroom warm-up. The student will be asked simple questions which they will answer in unison (chorus). They will sing Africa, Asia, South America, North America, Antarctica, Australia and Europe

Lesson: Teacher modeling (15 minutes)

1. The teacher will point at specific continents and say their names loudly for the students

2. Students will repeat after the teacher

3. The teacher will point at the specific continents and ask the students to name the continents.

Sample project plan

Lesson: Interactive modeling (15 minutes)

The teacher will ask the students in groups to draw and name the continents. The goal is not to draw a perfect map but their ability to position the names in different regions on the map.

Lesson: Independent Working Time (30minutes)

; The students will be allowed to ask each other questions and wait for their group members to answers the questions.

; The students will be invited to name a few countries in each continent, and they will be encouraged to try to make mistakes.


; Enrichment: The teacher will ask the students other general information about the continents.

; Support: The teacher will teach the students how to pronounce different countries.

Review: Assessment (10 minutes)

; Each student will be asked to name at least three countries in chosen continents.

; The students will be asked to color continents using their crayons.

Review and Closing (10 minutes)

; The teacher will discuss the difference between continents and the importance of knowing the position of each continent.

; The students will be asked for their opinion about the course/ lesson.