Mental illness and homelessness – Term Paper

The homeless gets construed as those individuals who lack places where they live or stay. The paper, therefore, gets founded on the various psychological problems which the homeless suffers. It gets pointed out that homelessness and mental health go hand in hand when getting discussed. It also gets depicted that the home environment offers an excellent opportunity for the development of both good mental and physical health because it provides people with space where they can live with dignity, peace and under security.

On the other hand, homelessness subjects individuals into a state that may interfere with their mental health. A good number of the homeless person get depicted to suffer from some psychological problems which include depression, mental disorders, anxiety and even fear (Okin, 2014). Depression gets construed as a mental problem because it interferes with the general thinking of an individual and can lead to severe cases of suicide. Many homeless people find themselves victims of the condition due to their social and economic status. The mental disorder also gets noted as a psychological problem to the homeless due to the brain interference it offers to an individual. The interference leads to a person not getting able to make the right decisions and ends up homeless. Stress and anxiety also get depicted as serious psychological problems that may cause homelessness or even lead to either depression or even mental illness. They equally interfere with the general thinking of an individual thus making the individuals to get deprived of their human dignity.


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Homelessness relates to mental health as depicted in the paper. The paper notes that the environment that the homeless finds themselves in instil upon them fear, depression and other related vices that may even end up developing to mental illness. Various means should, therefore, get designed to mitigate the situations that may lead to the topic of discussion.


Okin, R. L. (2014). Silent Voices: People with mental disorders on the street.