Mexican human migration – Term Paper

The reasons for migration of Mexican people to usa

Economic improvement remains to be the dominating force for migration for the Mexican population both in the past and contemporary society. Such a similarity is attributed to the fact that the Ancient Mexican immigrants moved to America with the hope of securing employment and elevating their living conditions (Romo &  Mogollon, 2016). In the recent days, Mexicans cross the border to the United States with the objective to obtain jobs and help their families. According to Romo and Mogollon (2016), the modern day immigrants also have similarity with the old population in the sense that they have a problem in blending with the mainstream society of American natives and other immigrant community that they find in America when analyzed from integration statistics by the U.S. Immigration officials. 

Various similarities can be cited for both the Mexicans immigrants then and now. For example, the border crossing issues remain to be a challenge for the immigrants. In the ancient times, they were given oral exams before being allowed across the frontier (Romo &  Mogollon, 2016). In the recent times, the immigrants are subjected to integration and interviews by the customs authority and border patrol officials. Subsequently, there is still the emphasis on legal documentation that is recognized in the United States. 

USA like a dream country for Mexican population

 In conclusion, the migration to the United States by the Mexican population has not changed from the past to date. Importantly, the immigrants still view America as the dream country that has lucrative opportunities that would help them raise their families to the upper-class levels. However, there is the reality check that the immigrants face more challenges within the modern day American society as compared to the past. The cases of detention and deportation have been a common occurrence for the Mexicans who have also improvised by majoring in illegal immigration to the U.S. Thus, incentivizing the immigrants to other areas would not be possible through offering paths to citizenship like higher education or military service given cultural and identity difference that form the basis of immigrant ideology as illustrated by integration programs like the United States Department of Immigration.

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Romo, H., &  Mogollon, O. (2016). Mexican migration to the United States: Perspectives from both sides of the border. University of Texas Press, Austin.