Mezzo Social Work Practices Reflection Paper – Term Paper

Mezzo Social Work Introduction

Mezzo social work practices focus on the groups whose sizes ranges from small to medium. These groups include local organizations, schools, as well as neighborhoods among others. Many examples of mezzo social work exist; nonetheless, some of them include the management of cultural change, the management of organizational social work, and a focus on cultural or institutional change as well as community organization among others. Therefore, these clients are more of groups rather than individuals. In my workplace, my agency engages customers at this level in a very distinct manner. For instance, one of the ways that they engage them pertains bringing these customers together, more so, those who are not family members or couples. After bringing these people together, they help them to build a mutually and useful resource or social network that will either bring indirect or direct change in their place of presence. Therefore, for instance, the agency while dealing with these people, they might engage them in a group therapy counseling session or neighborhood community associations or even involve them in self-help groups. The agency determines the best form of scale work to offer to such clients based on various factors such as the aim of the clients as well as their circumstances. 

On the other hand, the agency deals in a slightly different way with their customers in micro levels. Since micro practice refers to the common types of social work such as solving family or individual problems, the form of intervention given these clients differs from other customers. My agency uses different techniques and methods to attend to the needs of this clientele base. Common types of services my company offers these clients include individual counseling, family therapy, military social work, as well as treatment for those suffering from mental health problems as well as substance abuse. The agency uses various way to intervene in the lives of these clients and therefore, ultimately meet their needs. For instance, in this level, the company specializes and focuses on interacting with its clientele base on a personal level. It is at this point of interaction that the company communicating with the given client determines the way forward depending on the case the agency is dealing with as well as based on its severity. 

The final form of the customer that my company deals with is the macro level client. At this level, the agency focuses on the systemic issues facing the clients. Such matters are inclusive of the creation and the maintenance of a network of those providing services. The essence of this pertains establishing a high-quality continuum of care. At the macro level, the agency intervenes in a mannerism that intersects with the realms of politics through the creation of policies that directly affect the changes they wish to see as well as lobbying for these policy changes. In this level, the agency focuses on planning social programs, implementing and maintaining them and making them available to its clientele base. Besides, they also coordinate various services as well as policy works to offer chances of addressing various social problems. In observing all these clients and how the agency deals with them, I have learned various things such as the importance of categorizing the form of help to be offered to the customer. Besides, I have also learned the importance of incorporating different types of social networks to ensure that problems in the society do not persist.

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