Personal circumstances have affected your achievement – Term Paper

Look twice before you lip is a wise saying but with no value to most young people. My brother and I were not any different, by engaging in escapades that left my mother always exploding with a scolding. The end of January 2016, was the most painful and saddening moment of my life with the loss of my brother. It was Tuesday 3. 36 pm the sun was shining bright and my mother was not around. It was the perfect moment for my brother and I to ride the four-wheeler that my mom had warned us against riding without parental supervision. He took the four-wheeler and started driving suddenly, as he was riding the four-wheeler along and  it flipped and broke his neck. He was taken to the hospital but died on arrival due to hemorrhage. Since that tragic occurrence, I have never settled, and my academic performance has deteriorated. Every day I remember the tragic occurrence and feel guilty for what happened, as my mother had warned us about it. I find it hard to concentrate in class, and even psychotherapy has not been so helpful. I will never forget that tragic moment.