Pete's Dragon Review – Term Paper

Pete’s Dragon Movie Review

The film Petes Dragon;is an animated musical film from Walt Disney Studios. The enormous sell film estimated at $70,000,000 includes renowned films stars like Bryce Dallas Howard and Oakes Fegley. Directed by David Lowery, the adventurous film forms part of a multimillion industry in the animation world. Such creditability is accorded to individuals such as Bojan Bazelli (cinematographer) and Daniel Hart (the original composer). Petes Dragon;is diverse in the sense that it treats the audience to a rarefied vision about the natural existence. Interestingly, science fiction is blended into the family and kids world in the course of narration. ;

Pete’s Dragon Summary

Petes Dragon has a simple storyline to entice the young audience of kids. The narration revolves around a young boy named Pete traveling with his parents. As the story progresses, Pete’s family is lost in a tragic accident while traveling family car. In the incident, a dear leaps into the road causing the family car to sway and plunges into a ditch. Pete;s father and mother die instantly. Fortunately, Pete survives the accident but is subject to a tragic incident amidst wolves. His rescue comes handy when an invisible green dragon (Elliot) saves Pete. Eventually, the two (boy and dragon) become bosom friends surviving the challenges of the North Pacific forest.

Pete’s Dragon Plot

The plot of the adventurous film is heightened given the case that it creates a simple tale easily understood by a younger audience. The character choice of the film is valuable given the case that it appears to communicate to the audience. Notably, the character choice of the dragon and the young boy aged 10 tend to work magic in the sense that it creates memorable scenes. The power of imagination employed by Walt Disney has effectively served its purpose in the animated film. Evidently, the green color of the dragon (Elliot) has magnificently created an iconic aspect about the movie.  Additionally, the suspense formulated by the film director is worth noting given the fact that it speaks magnitude for its audience. A good example of such argument is the vanishing act illustrated by the green dragon. Logically, one wonders the extent and power of the characters in the film. The cinematographic elements of the film are worth commenting. For example, the visual effects of the film come lively during the performance. Subsequently, the voice over technique employed by director David Lowery enhances the general film capturing the audience in the right manner. Camera angles also play a significant role in creating the emphasis in the various scenes. Thus, the storyline is easily transformed from the technicality of the graphics to a sweet melodious film suitable for all ages.

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Pete’s Dragon may seem a more complicated film given the nature of the production. However, the animation is both entertaining and informative to the society. Importantly, Pete’s Dragon has worked magic in the sense that it enlightens on the significant survival skill lesson. In the film, one would easily learn that the practical world is accommodative depending on the different ties that one builds. The justification of such assumption develops from the fact that the 10-year-old boy can befriend a creature like Elliot the dragon. More importantly, the dragon helps saves the young boy eventually.


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