Spring Awakening Review – Term Paper

The Spring Awakening is a play that revolves around superstitious beliefs and the issues that affect people on a daily basis. It illustrates how children think about some issues and how each one of them behaves towards certain things in life. In the play, we see the effects of the mistreatments that parents unleash on their children through various scenes. The play is appealing to the audience and has many exciting scenes that keep the viewers glued to it. An important element in the movie is the set design as it contributes to the whole production of the film and makes it more interesting to the audience.

Spring awakening play summary

The feature mentioned above is notable in the first scenes of the film. For instance, we see the interesting conversation between Martha, Thea, and Wendla in scene three. The set is well designed to make the scene captivation and involve the audience, hence; making the play more efficient. We see the mistreatments that Martha undergoes under her parents’ roof. This is ironical because the people who are entrusted with the responsibility to take good care of her are the ones who put her in danger. “Mama pulled me out of bed by my braids, and I walloped my head on the floor” (Martha, scene 3, act 1). The set design is useful in illustrating how parents should bring up their children and the best ways to deal with them when they act rebellious. In scene one, we see the conversation between Wendla and her mother, Frau Bergmann. Wendla is lamenting about a dress that she has to put up with at a tender age. The dress seems too long for her and asks her mother why she had to get her a dress that does not fit her. However, her mother plays along and reminds her of the little princess dress that she is wearing and one that was big for her some years back. Set design is also notable in this scene and makes it captivating for the reader to enjoy more of the play. In scene two of act one, we see a funny set in the conversation between the three boys, Melchior, Otto, and Moritz is funny as we see him getting agitated by the discussion about the homework.

The play locks away children of a tender age because it contains some explicit scenes that talk about naked people. In scene two of act one, the conversation between Moritz and Melchior is quite explicit as they discuss a boy and a girl mating. The discussion can be disturbing to children who do not understand how our reproductive systems work. However, it is still giving insight to people on how our instincts affect our actions. For instance, when Moritz says that when he has children he will let boys and girls sleep in the same bed. The set design contributes to the audience understanding throughout the whole production and helps the readers relate to the discussions.

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Spring awakening broadway review

The set of the play is well organized and enables a smooth transition of different scenes and incorporate them to make the play even more enjoyable. Also, there is a good flow of the story, and the scenes follow each other in a sequential manner hence making the play coherent. The element of design is fundamental in the play as the scenes give a clear picture of issues that affect the people on the ground. For instance, act three, scene three; we see Frau Gabor and Herr Gabor talking about God and their convictions. Their dress code is also attractive to the audience and makes the film even more attractive. Their conversation illustrates the circumstances that require us to engage in critical thinking and make effective decisions to solve certain issues. They also show the importance of believing in God, hence; emphasizing on religion.

The play is interesting and appealing to the reader and has many captivating scenes that keep the reader glued to it due to the element of set design. The play is also funny thus serves as an entertainment play. It is also effective in illustrating how parents should bring up their children and the best ways to deal with them, thus; it is educative. The play has a good flow of stories and the scenes follow each other in a sequential manner thus making it coherent.