Problem Solution – Term Paper

Most students undergo through a lot of stress before sitting for their exams. The anxiety and pressure are mainly as a result of proper preparation or lack of self-belief. The tension and the last minute rush interfere with their study programs and make them lose concentration and focus on what they are supposed to study and also during the exam. However, there are some solutions that have been proven to help students overcome the stress during exams such as proper preparation through revision, engaging in exercises to help ease the tension and engaging in studies as a group.

Students should make sure that they revise all the content and material that they were given in class frequently. They should start revisiting their material as early as a month before the exam to build on confidence and thus prevent last minute rush. For example, a student who prepares weeks before the exams stand a better chance of passing compared to one who starts revising a day or two before the exam.

Exercising is also an important way for a student to reduce the stress experienced during exams. It relaxes the body and clears the mind and also gets rid of boredom during studies. Students who participate in sports and other physically engaging activities perform better than their inactive counterparts.

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Studying as a group helps students to understand better and remember what they study more easily. Groups can also be of help in case a particular student needs an explanation on parts that he/she didn’t understand well. Study group participants always register better grades as compared to those who study alone.

In conclusion, figuring out ways of dealing with the stress that comes along with exams is very critical as it directly influences the performance of a student. Students should, therefore, put the solutions discussed into practice to reduce stress levels and improve their performance.; ; ;