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Cooking cupcakes: process analysis essay example

Cupcakes are easy to make. One only needs some basic skills, a few tools, and a couple of ingredients to make the small but delicious cakes. Cupcakes are common among bakers and consumers alike because they can be used to serve any occasion. Furthermore, they are the easiest way to ensure everyone gets an equal share of well-baked cakes given they are served in equal amounts (Lovgren, 2015, p. 3). Professionals who are well versed with culinary services understand the basic procedures of producing excellent cupcakes. This paper seeks to explore the process of baking cupcakes.

To bake and decorate a desired batch of cupcakes without much effort, one requires the following equipment, staples, baking, frosting, and storage tips.


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· Regular and mini cupcake pans

· Paper baking saucers which also come in different colors and prints to suit individual tastes

· Resalable Plastic bags to be used when piping icings and veneers


· Icings and gels in assorted colors

· Food colors

· Colored sugars

· Candy sprinkles in assorted colors

· Boxed cake assortments of different flavors

· Ready-to-spread cake coatings

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Baking tips:

It is easy to bake a small number of cupcakes using a regular cupcake pan. However, when baking a large number of cupcakes using a single pan, one should cover and cool the remaining batter while the first batch gets baked (Coscarelli, 2013, p. 156). After the first batch is fully baked, cool the pan for fifteen minutes and bake the remaining batter.

Frosting tips:

· Dip cupcake tops into the frosting, twist a bit, and remove

· To decorate frosted cupcakes, dip them into bowls containing colored sugar, sprinkles and other desired decors

Storage tips:

· Cool cupcakes for about thirty minutes before covering them to avoid sticky tops

· Store ready cupcakes under a foil, inverted bowl, or waxed paper

· Refrigerate cupcakes with cream toppings

· To store cupcakes for long, freeze them while they are tightly wrapped


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