Questions on Human Geo – Term Paper

 Something that is a local cultural element can reflect the globalization of culture in other countries. The language of a given community or country can be used to explain this issue clearly. English is a local cultural element of the United Kingdom, but due to globalization, it has been reflected in other countries of the world. For example, before the colonization of Zimbabwe by the British, its two main languages were Shona and Ndebele. However, due to colonization which led to globalization, English has also become one of the main languages.

Question 2

The introduction of a new 20.00 dollar bill would give scientists an unusual opportunity to measure diffusion as they would want to study how this bill goes through the different stages of the diffusion theory developed by Evertt Rogers. These steps are; innovators, early adopters, late majority and the laggards. The type of diffusion that would be used by scientists, in this case, is the contagious diffusion. This is a form of diffusion in which a characteristic or a product spreads across a given population, and it does not involve the relocation of people.

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Question 3

During the demographic transition when the Europeans sent most immigrants to the United States, it was called mortality transition, and it is a stage in which there were a high number of births. It is also at this juncture that population growth was very high due to immigration. It was during this period that about 36 million immigrants were transported to the United States by the Europeans. The only available means of transportation during this era was the ship, and it crossed the Atlantic Ocean which connected Europe and the United States.

Question 4

There are similarities between reactions to immigrants today and those of a century ago. The first similarity is that they are still not allowed to access or stay in some places like some areas of the United States. Secondly, immigrants are being blocked from entering the United States, and this has been evidenced by the plan to build the Mexican wall. In Europe and the United States, immigrants are seen to be the cause of terror and also competition in jobs and as such are not given some jobs in these countries.

Question 5

In developed countries, there are restrictions on clothing styles in schools. In the United States, students are not allowed to wear clothes that expose their body parts. This also means that women cannot breastfeed while in school as it will expose their body. In the United Arab Emirates, students that live on campus or colleges are not allowed to bathe while fully naked. Instead, they must wear tops. In Singapore, all students must wear a uniform while in school, and no other clothing as every learning institution has its uniform.

Question 6

 Diffusion of Islam means the way that the religion and teachings of Islam were spread by Prophet Muhammad. This type of spread is both hierarchical and relocation diffusion. It is hierarchical because the actions of Prophet Muhammad and other Muslim leaders played a great role in influencing other Muslims to continue spreading the religion. It is also relocation diffusion because it involved a movement of Muslims from one country to another to spread the religion for example, across Arabia.