Risks of Computing – Term Paper


The article on “privacy, security risks make government databases a political battleground” focuses on the increased usage of computing services, computing hazards, risk assessment, security threats and how to solve uncertainties in the implementation of public policy and the government. Computing systems in the government are capable of running programs such as electronic voting, management systems, electronic health records, secure database, designing networks and operating systems. Due to the development of technology, computers are used in different computing information about public policy and government. Regardless of technology improving the computing system, it also faces the following threats:

Hardware and system software unreliability. Some of the computing systems are not dependable by the state as they could crash and collapse anytime. Untrusted software in various computers makes the government to panic as this can lead to equipment breakage hence loss of essential data. Secondly, computing networks being attacked by hackers who access different websites of the political authority. They tend to change information on the sites which as a result makes it difficult for the government to retrieve and trace all the valuable information. Lastly, the uncertainty of computer viruses that affect various documents and files in the computing networks. This is due to lack of outdated antivirus programs that scan the available viruses. Activities like electronic voting held during elections can be disrupted by such viruses leading to entrust results.

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Outsourcing jobs to different people located in various parts of the world are the most sensitive activities. The advantage of this is that it provides employment and opportunities in various places like remote areas where job opportunities are very rare. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that the officials outsourcing jobs are likely to lose their jobs because they cannot lower their wages to range equally as of the foreign country. To solve this, there must be a joint labor movement for all people. Technology reforms and legislation are the way forward. Automation will help diversify each and every one. Universal basic income will enable even the less privileged to get the basic needs.

The advantage of outsourcing jobs will increase labor movements across the nation that will result to increment in wages and better working environments. It will also enhance greater changes to the wealthy in such a way that they will make progress towards a higher economic safety net for those that lose their work to outsourcing and automation.

Technological advancement will be a tool for informing the masses on what to do at a particular time. It will alter the nature and physical state of the people and the environment. Better movements will be improvised and implement ways in which things occur. These changes will automatically differ from the past ones.


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