Semantics Term Paper

Paper on Semantics:

Semantics is the brand of linguistics which studies the meaning of the parts of the language, for example, words, word combinations and phrases. The main tool for the research is the semantic analysis. In the end of the 19th century semantics was called semiotics. Today, the term ‘semantics’ is not only connected with linguistics but is also used as a synonym of ‘meaning’ and ‘denotation’.

Semantic have been bothering people since the dawn of the human civilization and every philosophical branch explained semantics of various symbols in its own way. Till the end of the 19th century semantics existed as an idea in various philosophical trends of the world known philosophers but it was not observed in the boarders of linguistics.

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A single branch of linguistics which resembled semantics was etymology. Etymology touched upon the problems of semantics, because studying the formation of words it has to explain their meaning and origin. The main task of semantics is to define the meaning of the words and the source of their origin. It is obvious that semantics is closely connected with psychology and philosophy, because the meaning of words depends on the world view, psychology of people, traditions and customs, ethnicity and symbols of the area. Moreover, semantics can study the similarities of the meaning of the words on the basis of different languages, which have common roots of the words.

Semantics is an important branch of linguistics which reveals the meaning of words and it is impossible to study a language well without the knowledge of this branch. In order to complete a good semantics term paper one will need to read a lot to get to know about the study more and to understand its structure, principles and purposes. If a student wants to succeed in term paper writing, he will have to explain the aim and the meaning of semantics from all sides and present a brief image of its historical development and connection with other branches of linguistics. It is useful to find the relations of semantics with the philosophical branches and draw the right conclusions concerning the value of the study.

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