Syntax Term Paper

Term Paper:

Syntax is the branch of linguistics, which studies the rules and standards of the formation of word combinations and sentences. Moreover, the study touches upon other questions related with the structure of the sentence and its components. Syntax studies the connection of words in word combinations and sentences; researches the types of syntactic rules; defines the types of word combinations and sentences; defines the meaning of word combinations and sentences; connection of the simple sentences into the complex ones; defines and studies the parts of the sentence. The linguists started to think about the problems of syntax not so long ago, in the end of the 17th century. From the 19th century syntax started to be investigated more thoroughly. At that time started the development of historical-comparative linguistics, which influenced syntax greatly.

The main idea of historical-comparative linguistics is to compare and study the differences and similarities between the various languages of the world in their historical context. Evidently, syntax of different languages is different and some parts of the sentence which are extremely important in one language do not play any role in the other. On the basis of these syntactic relations the languages are divided into the certain groups. For example, in one language the word order in fluent, in the other is strict; in one language there are seven parts of speech, in the other only four.

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As a result it is natural that syntax is a complicated branch, which tries to answer a great number of questions which are connected with the traditional structure of the sentence which is based on ethnical, psychological and other factors.

When a student is asked to prepare a syntax term paper, he is expected to work out vast literary sources in order to find the valid up-to-date facts about this branch of linguistics. One will have to explain the meaning of syntax, present the structure and the core components of syntax, main theories, methods of analysis, historical background of syntax, etc. Furthermore, a student should define the importance of syntax for linguistics and find connections of syntax with other branches of the science. In the end one should summarize the paper and dwell on the strong and weak sides of syntax and try to present the solution to its controversial problems.

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