The airplane crash – Term Paper

The airplane crash in Cali Colombia was one of the most tragic crashes that claimed the lives of many people approximately one hundred and fifty one passengers. According to section 8.3.1 of the article, there are some of the reasons that contributed to crash. Use of incompetent systems and techniques was a major reason for the crush. Management and communication difficulties may have led to inconveniences during the flight. This means that the software system used by the company to control flights may have been corrupted or interfered with or better still mismanaged by the professionals mandated to check and maintain it. Another problem that may have also contributed to the crash is, failure of applications of safety tips during the flight. This means that, the flight controllers and the crew may have not maximally employed the safety measures during the flight. The company may have also not met the specifications of the customers, this could have resulted to discomfort and development of poor flight attitude among the passengers during the flight.

Appendix A of the article describes the recommended ethics. Some of the ethics that could have prevented the crush in Colombia include; the ethical code of engineering and practice that promotes efficiency of systems and competence of workers. This code basically deals with aspirations and clauses that contributes to the training, competence and intelligence of software engineers. The aspirations are important because without them the software experts may not be able to have convenient and prior knowledge of the system. Employment of this may have reduced the risk of technical inconveniences and human interference during the flight. Another ethical code according to this section is that of professional conduct that encourages honesty and transparency among the employees of a company. Application of this may have reduced the risk of inconveniences caused by dishonesty and incompetence of the employs that may put the lives of passengers in danger.

The software engineers of the company may have applied the principles under this ethical code and this may have prevented the crash. Some of the principles according to the article include; client and employer that states that the software engineers should work in a way that pleases both the customer and employer, principle of product that explains that the software engineers should make sure that their product meet the top most professional values, the principle of the public that explains that the software professionals of a company should regularly exercise their duties according to the interests of the public, the principles of colleagues that requires the software engineers to work together and support each other in order to enhance team work among them and the last principle is that of management, that requires the software managers to exhibit and promote the ethical to the management and maintenance of the software systems. The last principle is the most important among all the rest since management plays a crucial role flight safety. Generally, adherence to the principles explained above may have prevented the crash in Cali Colombia.

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In conclusion, the content in the article relates to the problems and inconveniences in the companies that uses internet as platforms of management and administration. Many companies especially those in the airline sector lack the codes pointed out in the article. This makes the article relevant for problem solving in the companies.