Spiritual Wellness – Term Paper

What is spiritual wellness

The key to my spiritual wellness consists of the following five characteristics. Family, which is an important aspect of my life. My family will always support me whether I am right or wrong. They appreciate my hard work to better myself and to better us as a family. Throughout my college journey, my family has made unlimited sacrifices to see me complete college successfully. My husband has paid a majority of our household bills as well as taken over the day to day responsibilities of our children.  Without his support, I believe that the goals I have set would truly be harder to achieve.

  My children have been my motivation. I always want to be there for my children to express my parental love and to teach them the right ways of living. I did not want them to grow without the presence of their parents as was my case. I came from a broken home in which my father was absent until I was an adult. My mother married a man named Ron who raised me as his own since I was a small child. He was a very strict man, as I could not allow me to interact with boys. My stepfather ensured that I was forever busy as he kept me engaged in sports and extracurricular activities. With everything that he and my mother instilled in me, it laid a foundation for my future success. 

Spiritual health

Friendship is another motivating factor that gives me enthusiasm and encouragement when I face life challenges. I respect and value my friends because they are my partners in arms in times of happiness and hardships and make my life meaningful. They give me momentum to continue the life journey whenever I feel like giving up. Since I was a young child, friendship has been a great pillar that revolves through my world. My friends have walked with me through thick and thin helping me overcome and cope with life situations. 

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I realized that by interacting with people who have the same belief as mine I was able to succeed in many things. Such friends have my back whenever I need them and always share ideas with me. They have helped me to develop a virtue of loyalty and that is how I have been able to maintain the friendship. I can mirror myself through the help of my friends and so get challenged by the steps and choices that they make. Friendship is the most important key towards realizing my potential and making the right decisions. I learned to respect the different ideas they have and has helped me to view life from a different perspective. 

I have good judgment since friendship is a choice and not an optional reality. With my friend’s support, love, and affection I can view and establish the life structure that I would want to be in the future. Defining myself as an individual and joining a group to associate with others is the greatest step I have taken towards success.

Leadership is an essential part of my life values that I treasure. Since I have a family, I want to show my children that they can look up to me for anything that they might need. I want to motivate and energize children to grow in a God fearing way. It is my responsibility to love my family and help them identify their potential by guiding and advising them to help them accomplish the best in life. 

Spiritual wellness examples

I want my children to look up to me like my stepfather Ron did. Though he was strict, he laid a good foundation for me helping me to become a strong woman today. Being a parent has its ups and down, but I know taking responsibility of being a mother and a leader is one of the most valuable things I would have for my family and me.

Security is a value that aspires to have in my life and that of my children. The values that we all have evolve, and we find ourselves maturing through some known stages of life. For us to feel that we have fulfilled both our souls and body, we need to be financially secure so that we can meet all the basic, secondary and tertiary needs. The security aspect would help me and my family to live comfortably. I have a family to take care of and for that reason security would be the most important aspect to consider. The security that I need covers a vast area including security of finance, security of my children and family is a great value since without it I cannot feel like a responsible parent and all the values I have tried to instill in my life would be lost. Security will enable me to realize my dreams, live in any location that suits and make me happy and give my family the best they would need.

Striking a balance in my activities is another crucial aspect that determines my success.  If I put effort into being the best parent, partner, friend and leader without striking a balance in each, I would not be able to deliver my full potential. Balancing every aspect of my life have been my dreams, and that include spending some time in my career and equally spending time with my family. Acknowledging priorities have been my greatest gifts and that’s why I value family since they are my most treasurable gain, which makes me have the energy to grow intellectually and spiritually.

What is a component of spiritual wellness

Power is a value that I have for long considered insignificant, but it has been more prominent in my actions and decisions more than I ever imagined. I had considered this value to be irrelevant in my life, but most of the things that I do like in organizations and places of the meeting is making people recognize me and my expertise. I have noticed that I control and make people do things when I am in power and authority. The less value that I ignored seemed to take a whole toll on me since it is imminent that it is inside me; the ability to control and mobilize a crowd. I spent my life running from the value that defined the authority to me to rule and assign tasks. I focused on what mattered to me leaving what can make people realize that I am better when ruling and leaving a legacy.

The aspects and art made in the revelation have made an official purpose to my life, and that is to find both career and life success. The main issue though is to find the missing pieces in my life and try to evaluate the stages of life that I must go through to have the spiritual fulfillment. I would try not to live in perfection but in acquiring knowledge and purpose of life. I would find out the value that makes me thrive in doing good and deciding to do good and not to harm others. All the aspects that I value will lead me to a spiritual fulfillment which will secure me from any disillusionment and unhappiness. I learned that the purpose of all the values is to take us through all the stages of life and it is up to us to make the right decisions on how much material recognition we will have and how much spiritual growth will be made. Our choice in occupation, life partners and friends should lead us to best rewards that would enable us to value our goals and purpose in life.

The scenes that relate to me most is sharing of knowledge and values to my friends helping me to optimize on both the spiritual and material growth. I think making people aware of the plans that would improve their growth is the most recent scenes that have stricken me as important. Linking myself with individuals who recognize and respects my decisions will advance my progressions in the direction that we decide to choose.