Teenage Rebellion Term Paper

Rebellion Term Paper:

Teenage rebellion is the period of the development of the human being, which is based on the desire to be independent and oppose to the general social norms. Teenagers have always been difficult children for their parents, because they try to find themselves and their behavior is often negative and the world view dramatic and categorical. Teenagers think that nobody understands them and that the world around is weird and requires improvement. Every young person strives to oppose to the norms and values of the society believing that only his worldview is right. The single explanation of teenage rebellion is the unstable psychics of the teenagers. Their behavior is unpredictable, chaotic and is aimed at the break of the rules and standards. Due to the numerous experiments and investigations psychologists have understood that teenage rebellion is the standard period in the life of the human being, when she tries to identify herself and find its proper place in the world.

Of course, on this way teenagers try a great amount of the unnecessary and even harmful and illegal things, like drugs, alcohol, smoking, violence, crime, vandalism, etc. Furthermore, they become involved into the numerous sub cultures which share certain values, ideology and have certain attributes, which make them different from the other sub cultures. Teenagers believe that their ‘underground’ activity has sense and they protest against the norms of the human society together. The brightest example of teenage rebellion in literature is ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ by J. D. Salinger which describes the values and fears of a teenager who denies accepting the world of the grown-ups as it is.

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Teenage rebellion is a common problem among the young people and parents and teachers should be aware about the methods of communication with the young people of this age. The term paper on teenage rebellion is supposed to explain the problem in detail and touch upon the cause and effect of teenage rebellion and the methods which can be applied to calm the teens down. One should use the reliable sources for the research and describe the topic from different points of view: psychological, social, economical, political, cultural, etc. In the end the student is expected to conclude the paper well and give the effective advice to parents how to communicate with their difficult rebellious children.

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