Term Paper about Out of School Youth

of School Youth Term Paper:

Out of school youth has always existed in the human society. Centuries ago education was a serious privilege for rich people, and the poor could not afford education for their children. The greatest thing which was free for the poor was the primary education at schools where children were taught to read and write. Unfortunately, at least half of the world faces the problem of out of school youth even today. The key factor which causes this problem is the economical situation of the country and its cultural peculiarities. For example, if the countries financial background is unfavorable, the government can not donate money into the development of the system of education and the families can not afford education for their children.

Then, when the family is poor, very seldom they think about sending their children to school. When the child is more or less big, he is sent to work and earn money for the family. As a result the child grows bigger and does not have time, opportunity and desire to study preferring to work somewhere. Evidently, the perspective of such behavior is tragic, because uneducated person will not be able to find a good job and earn much money. As a result, the country suffers too, because uneducated citizens will never make a considerable contribution into its development. More than a half of the population of Asia and Africa and a great number of the island countries face the problem of out of school youth and it is reflected on the financial situation of these counties.

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Naturally, in order to improve the life of people and develop industry, economics and culture, the government should invest money into education. Uneducated children are a serious problem for the future of the country, because uneducated and unskilled labor force with the lack of intelligence will only cause crisis. A student who is going to write an out of school youth term paper should research the problem deeply to understand the reasons which cause it. It is obvious that there are many factors which make young people stay away from school and a student should clear them up.

The aim of the paper is to make the student brainstorm smart ideas and methods which can solve the problem of out of school youth.

Generally, students have many problems with term paper writing, because teachers often fail to explain the proper rules of writing. One of the ways to gain knowledge about the standards of paper writing is a free example term paper on out of school youth written by an expert in the Internet. A well-analyzed successfully composed free sample term paper about out of school youth is a good method to train the writing skills and understand the rules of the organization of the paper.