Term Paper on Adolf Hitler

Hitler Term Paper:

Adolf Hitler is the founder and the key person in Nazi and German Worker’s Party and the well-known dictator of Nazi Germany at the first half of the 20th century. Adolf Hitler being a dictator was also the leader of the army during the World War 2. Adolf Hitler is considered to be the one who started the World War 2 and his name is connected with numerous inhumane crimes and actions conducted by the Nazi Party including Holocaust. Hitler had difficult childhood and wanted to change the life of the country for the better, because being a common soldier during the World War 1 he saw that Germany was no longer a powerful country and the leader of the country did not care about the common people. Hitler joined German Worker’s Party and very soon became its active member and gained respect and support of numerous people.

When he conquered the power in Germany and established his Nazi regime the economics of Germany started to increase and the power of the country restored quite soon. Unfortunately, Hitler did not stop on the achieved success but wanted to broaden the boarders of Germany and World War 2 began and caused millions of innocent deaths. Being blind because of his power Hitler committed inhumane crimes and millions of people were tortured in the concentration camps because of his idea to create the ideal pure German nation without any ethnic minorities. In spite of being an international criminal, Adolf Hitler was an excellent artist and could succeed in this field.

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Adolf Hitler is a controversial figure in the world history and there are many opponents and supporters of his activity, but it is obvious that he was too radical in his positions and ideas which caused the most severe war of all times and millions of innocent victims. When a student is asked to complete Adolf Hitler term paper, he should not use out-of-date information about the person and pay attention to the stereotypes created about Hitler. In spite of being criminal he was a talented leader and a student can focus on such points in order to describe the person from all sides. One is supposed to touch upon his life, world view, career, crimes and impact on the world history.

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