Term Paper On American Government And Democracy

Politics is like a game that the elites play in the pursuit of negative freedom. The negative freedom means limited government, privacy and economic liberty. While the bigger government, economic equality and social order is the interpretation in politics as a conversation among the popular majority that finally results in the pursuit of positive freedom. The American politics is like a game played by the elites and media. It is a fact that national and public debate determines the collective wisdom of the people. Democracy is based on an informed and active citizenry where the citizens have the right and responsibility to participate in public affairs. Without knowledge and wisdom, effective participation is not possible by the media or any other medium. The best way of acquiring knowledge for the citizen is to have dialogue with other citizens, or by reading books, magazines and newspapers. Watching television and listening to radio is also the way to acquire knowledge. The affairs of the citizens and their governmental representatives have always advocated and favored freedom of press. This freedom has been recognized as the catalytic forces in the affairs of citizens from as long as the colonial times.

The third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson was of the opinion that everyone should receive newspapers and be capable of reading them. The importance of press was also shown when it was made into the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Which says, Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press. The purpose was to secure the practice of democracy. The only way one can find truth is through freedom of press and speech. We can exercise our own government and as a result our self-expression is satisfied. Press and media play the role of watchdogs and due to this facility the citizens are informed of governmental events and actions.

The other very important role of freedom of press is to balance the power of the government so that it does not grow as an authoritarian power. Within the national government there are the President, the Congress and the Supreme Court. They are supposed attain the role of check and balances. There is no doubt that the press and media have had an increasingly influential impact on governmental decisions, popular attitudes and impact on public polity.

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