Term Paper on Architecture

Term Paper:

Architecture is the art of planning and construction of complex buildings and the discipline which studies all the methods, techniques and ways of building. Architecture is one of the most important and visible material values which make people’s life more beautiful. Architecture plays an extremely important role in the culture of every country, because very often the traditions, customs and perception of the world are reflected in the design of the temples, public houses and private buildings. It is very easy to detect the country just looking at the photo of a house, because every country has its own traditional design and style of building. Architecture often reflects the lifestyle of people and the natural environment of the country and the definite area.

For example northern variants of architecture differ greatly from the southern, being smaller and closer to the ground in order to accumulate heat. The buildings in the areas which are often flooded are often higher and have a more solid foundation in case of high water level.

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Nevertheless, the way and the manner of building is not limited by the environment and the country, because there are international architectural styles which have their own representations in nearly every country. For example, such styles as Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Neoclassical are well known on the territory of the whole Europe and every country has its own variants of these architectural styles. Architecture has a range of interesting qualities except of the esthetical and cultural ones. For example, the masterpieces of architecture never get old-fashioned and are always fascinated by people around an very often older buildings are of the higher quality than the newer ones what does not make their price lower in spite of the age.

Architecture plays many functions for human life, starting from a simple shelter to a great sophisticated temple. Students who are going to prepare a good architecture term paper should do their best to explain the problem from all sides, prove its value and importance for the humanity.

The topic is quite general and extremely broad, so one can limit the scope of research and dwell on the architecture of the definite historical period, a country or a style. Despite the choice, every paper should be informative and contain interesting and reliable up-to-date data.

Everybody will agree that it is difficult to prepare a good term paper without a professional well-organized example for writing. It is possible to find a good free sample term paper on architecture in the Internet and construct your own assignment on its basis. On the other hand one should be careful using a free example term paper on architecture and never use its data in his own research; otherwise he will be accused of plagiarism.