Term Paper on Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence Term Paper:

Artificial intelligence is the science and technology of creation of the intelligent machines and smart computer software and programs. Artificial intelligence is created in order to understand the human intelligence but it does not have to resemble human intelligence from the biological point of view. The computer should solve all the tasks with its own methods, with can not be the same as the methods controlled by the human brain. Artificial intelligence was created for different purposes. First of all it is a model of all the types of the human activities, which are considered to be intelligent. The function of creativity is a traditional prerogative of a human being and a computer or machine can not create anything. The intellectual system is the technical and program system, which is able to solve tasks and save them in its memory.

The structure of the artificial intelligence contains three blocks: knowledge databases, the block where the tasks are solved and intelligent interface. The science of artificial intelligence is the part of the complex computer sciences, and the technologies created on its basis – information technologies. The aim of the science is to create smart solutions and actions on the basis of calculations and artificially made intelligent machines. Artificial intelligence is aimed to make the human life easier and do all the difficult calculations and provide people with smart reasonable solutions to any problems.

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Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more important for human life and very soon people will depend on it. In popular culture artificial intelligence is supposed to be dangerous for the humanity.

There are many movies which present a terrible picture of people’s future, if they rely on artificial intelligence absolutely. A student who has decided to write a term paper on artificial intelligence should know that the topic s very interesting and important for the research, because it is the future of the entire science. A good term paper will be supposed a successful one if it includes reliable high-quality data from the latest sources. A student should explain the importance of artificial intelligence, present its types, the latest achievements in the sphere, advantages and disadvantages of the technologies.

In order to prepare a good term paper one will need to read much about the problem under research. Free example term papers on artificial intelligence which can be found in the Internet are often the best help for students who need a good model for writing. It is not easy to prepare a well-analyzed, properly structured and formatted paper without a high-quality example. Furthermore, a free sample term paper on artificial intelligence is a good method to see the general standards of paper writing on the concrete case.