Term Paper on Neural Networks

Networks Term Paper:

A neural network is the term which has several meanings. First of all it means a set of biological neurons which are interconnected and form neurology system of a human being. Later on the term has become to be used for the description of the work and structure of the artificial intelligence.

The neurons serve to solve various tasks for the artificial intelligence and work in the same way as the biological neurons making the work of artificial intelligence effective. Biological neural network consists of the millions of the interconnected neurons which cooperate to solve various problems, which faces a human being. Neural networks in the artificial intelligence try to imitate the work of the biological neural networks and solve the tasks step by step, as every neuron is responsible for its definite operation. On the basis of this principle work and develop computer video games, software, powerful programmes and even robots (as the branch of cybernetics develops quite fast and works due to the artificial intelligence neural networks).

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The key function of the artificial neural networks is to transform and analyse information and provide people with wise solutions at a moment’s notice. Every neuron is coded and plays its separate unique role to achieve the general progress of the whole system of the artificial intelligence.

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