Term Paper on TCP/IP

Term Paper:

The stack of the protocols TCP/IP is the set of the network protocols of data transmission used in networks, including the Internet. The name of TCP/IP comes from the two most important protocols Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP), which regulate all the issues in this sphere. The protocols coexist as a stack and this means that the protocol of the higher level and importance is supposed to be more valid than the protocol of the lower level. In this case, TCP is of greater importance than IP and if there are problems and misunderstandings concerning the regulation of the structure and functioning of the networks, TCP is expected to solve all the troubles itself. The stack of protocols TCP/IP includes four major layers of its work.

The first layer is the application layer which covers the majority of the network applications. These programs have their own protocols of data transferring, for example, HTTP for WWW, FTP (for data transferring), SMTP (the email), etc.

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The second layer is the transport layer, whose protocols regulate the right order of the transmission of data. The Internet layer is the third layer of TCP/IP which is used to transform the data from one network to the other. The Internet, being the connection of numerous networks, is controlled by this layer of TCP/IP. The link layer is the fourth layer which describes the way of transmission of the stacks of data with the help of coding.

The success of the TCP/IP term paper depends on the way the student researches the problem and describes the topic under investigation. Every student is expected to observe the topic in detail and try to learn about its strong and weak sides. One should read a lot about the protocols and understand the way they control the work of the networks. It is obvious that the student should analyse the structure of TCP/IP and its layers presenting the role of every level for the regular functioning of the network. The young professional can observe the work of TCP/IP on the direct cases in order to make the paper more practical combining the theory and practice.

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