Term Paper on Atomic Bomb

Bomb Term Paper:

Atomic bomb is the weapon of mass destruction, which is based on the use of the nuclear energy.

Atomic bombs are supposed to be the most powerful and serious types of weapon according to their destructive power and the area of their functioning. Everything in the area of the explosion (approximately 1 km from the explosion) is ruined and killed. The impact of such a bomb is explained by the serious destructive power of the nuclear reactions which are much more serious than any other bomb created in the chemical way. A common atomic bomb is 1000 more powerful than the ordinary bomb used in the military conflicts. The explosion of an atomic bomb is associated with the nuclear explosion, which resembles a nuclear mushroom cloud. First of all there a shock wave and light at the moment of the explosion, the explosion is followed by the release of the radian and X-rays which cause nuclear fallout.

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Atomic bombs cause also electromagnetic impulse and strong psychological effect on people. Aside from the physical impact the explosion influences the human psychics terrifying her with the image of the mushroom clouds. The live organisms are not hurt with the electromagnetic impulse but the impulse causes harm to the electric appliances. The first atomic bombs were used during World War II by the USA in August, 1945 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and since that time the nuclear weapon is understood as the most dangerous and ruining force a country can possess. The mechanism of functioning of atomic bombs has been improved seriously and nowadays there are different variations of this weapon.

Atomic bomb is a useful topic for the research, because the student should learn about the power of the nuclear weapon, the mechanism of functioning of the bomb and the destructive power of this mechanism. The student should observe the development of atomic bomb from the historical point of view and study the changes in its structure and potential. One can analyze the problem on the examples of the real cases related with the explosions of atomic bombs evaluating the damage and influence on buildings and live organisms. Finally, one should summarize the paper and dwell on the importance of the further improvement of the nuclear weapon and decide whether the humanity actually needs it.

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