Term Paper on Developmental Theories

Theories Term Paper:

The theories of child development are based on the opinion that a human being goes through a few stages during its development which influence human character and behavior greatly. It is obvious that children’s behavior in different years of their life is completely different. For example, the character and behavior of a teenager can not be mixed with the behavior of a 20-year old person. Because of the physiological and psychological processes in the organism of a teenager he feels constant supply of energy and behaves controversially. One moment he is joyful and active, the other he is feels depressed and angry; no wonder the behavior of teenagers is often called unpredictable and rebellious. This phenomenon has always attracted attention of the psychologists who tried to explain why the behavior of children is different. The only explanation which sounded reasonable was a developmental theory.

Many well-known psychologists from Sigmund Freud to Erik Erikson and Skinner suggested their own variants of the developmental theories but their idea is mostly the same. They have divided the child’s life into certain periods defining their approximate years of duration. The key difference which illustrates the contribution into the question of every famous psychologist is the factor which influences child’s behavior and forms its character. For example, a group of specialists suggest that the environment and the society where the child lives cause the greatest impact on its character and behavior. On the other hand, some psychologists are sure that the behavior depends on genetics; and the last group of scholars offers the idea of behaviorism claiming that a grown up can make anyone from a child if he wants (with the help of total control and influence).

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There are many theories which try to explain the development of a child and find the most essential factors which influence it and a student who is asked to prepare a term paper should be good at these theories. The best developmental theories term paper is supposed to be informative and answer all the key questions on the topic. A student is required to construct a logical composition for the paper and explain every developmental theory in detail supporting his point of view with the reliable evidence. Finally, one should summarize the paper and think over about the most true to life theory and provide the teacher with the arguments.

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