Term Paper on Digital Marketing

Marketing Term Paper:

Digital marketing is the branch of marketing which uses computer technologies as its main tool.

Marketing is a very important thing which makes the company successful, because even the best goods and services will not be sold actively without the quality advertising and promotion.

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Nowadays, alongside with the regular means of advertising, computer technologies are widely used in this sphere. In fact, digital marketing is not only used through personal computers, but also laptops, smart phones, tablets, consoles, etc. – everything what can reproduce visual information and has connection with the Internet. The history of the origin of digital marketing is quite short, because it started in the mid-90-ies with the development of the computer technologies and the Internet. The Internet has become the mean means of media and communication at that time and businessmen understood that it can become a powerful, effective and cheap type of marketing and they were right.

Nowadays, the web is the most effective means of mass media which can advertise things properly. Using the Internet services and options like e-mails, blogs, social networks, websites and telephone or table apps it is easy to inform consumers about the new products, brands, prices, sales, etc. The modern information age lives in the digital world and marketing is the sphere which has its future in it. Even now many people gain the majority of facts about the products exclusively through the Internet; they purchase goods without leaving their home and the production is delivered directly to the client’s door.

Digital marketing is the sphere which can be called really profitable and effective, because companies upload advertisements for cheap and millions people are able to see it and probably purchase in future. If the student has been asked to prepare digital marketing term paper, he is supposed to research the problem from all sides and explain the purpose, meaning, value and effectiveness of digital marketing in the current time. One should dwell on the means of digital marketing, the functions it fulfills, the problems it faces, its advantages and disadvantages and the methods of the improvement of this kind of marketing. The student can share his own ideas about the future development of digital marketing and its possible alteration.

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