Term Paper on Green Building

Building Term Paper:

Green building is a kind of building and exploitation of houses, which influence the environment minimally. The idea to build ecologically safe houses appeared not so long ago and is provoked by the poor ecological condition of the world and numerous environmental problems which influence the human health negatively. Green houses are supposed to be totally safe and protect people from radiation and pollutants. Moreover, green building is the reason of the politics which is aimed at the economization of the natural resources. Green building is the advantage because such houses require less energy, less material resources, etc. In addition green building is aimed at the improvement of the quality of the houses and their practical value. It is obvious that years ago building was ecologically safe and the quality of the materials was higher, no wonder the old houses serve longer than the new ones.

Green building is a complex knowledge, which includes standards of projecting and building. The level of its development depends on the achievements in science and technology and on the activity and professional skills of engineers and understanding of the necessity of the ecologically safe life. Green building is expected to establish brand new standards and help the humanity plan, project and build the houses which would meet the following requirements: safety for the human organism, safety for the environment, taking into consideration the interests of the future generations, which would require stable, long-lasting and high-quality houses. Green building is a priority of the developed countries, but this practice is quite expensive the developing ones, so the development of this sphere will take much time.

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Green building is a priority in the development of the building industry, because the human society should think about the environment more. A well-analyzed green building term paper should cover the topic from all sides and explain the meaning of green building and analyze the aspects and principles of the subject. One should evaluate the importance of green building for the human society and define its pluses and minuses. Furthermore, it is important to describe the methods and means which can be used in green building which would make it ecologically safe and useful for the human health.

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