Term Paper on Landslide

Term Paper:

A landslide is a mass of ground and rock which has separated from the major part of the ground and slides down the slope causing damage on its way. Landslides have become quite a frequent problem all over the world, mainly because of the destructive human activity. Although many people claim that the nature of slopes is the power of gravitation, the real reason of the geological phenomenon is the anthropogenic factor (agriculture, deforestation).

For example, speaking about the landslides in the mountains, people have the direct impact on the problem, because the process of deforestation is especially active in the mountains. When the trees are cut down, the ground and rocks slide down without the support of the roots under the effect of gravity and other factors. Landslides also appear when the soil becomes too wet and heavy because of the constant rains and other factors and starts to slide down the slope.

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Another factor which is very serious in this case is an earthquake. Under the effect of the earthquake the ground is destabilised and slides down the slope. Finally, the power of the sea is also very important in the coastal areas. The sea waves ruin the rocks of the shore constantly and one day the rock can not stand the effect of the sea and landslide appears. Landslides can occur not only on dry land but in the seas and oceans under the effect of the power of the water and such natural phenomena as underwater earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tsunami, etc.

Landslides can cause serious problems to the human settlements and agriculture, because very often they destroy certain parts of the fields and ruin buildings. When one wants to analyse the problem of landslides, he will have to collect information about the topic in the reliable sources. A good landslide term paper is supposed to explain the nature and the reasons of this geological phenomenon and demonstrate its results. Furthermore, the student should classify different types of landslides according to their place and ruining power. One should evaluate the facts and suggest the most useful solutions to the problem of landslides and summarize the paper professionally.

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