Term Paper on Lord of the Flies

of the Flies Term Paper:

Lord of the Flies is the novel written by the English Noble Prize winner William Golding in 1954.

The novel was planned as a satirical one to criticize The Coral Island, the novel which was written in the style of Robinson Crusoe praising the optimistic imperial rule of the Victorian Great Britain.

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William Golding has taken many efforts to publish his novel and only one publishing house agreed to do it. At first Lord of the Flies was not a success, because very few of its copies were sold. Nevertheless, the interest of the general public grew several years after and the novel became a bestseller and very soon was introduced into the school program as a compulsory book for reading.

The plot of the novel is quite simple: after the air crash a group of children appear on the uninhabited island without any grown-ups. In order to survive, children have to organize themselves and share certain duties to provide themselves with food and shelter to survive. There are two leaders among the children: Jack and Ralph. Ralph wants to maintain peace and strict organization in the life of children; Jack, on the contrary, proclaims himself a hunter and with the group of children hunts boars. Gradually, Ralph loses control over the children and they run to Jack’s tribe and live in anarchy hunting already not the boars but Ralph and the rest of the children who are still devoted to him. As a result some children are killed and only due to the evacuation ship all the children are saved.

Lord of the Flies is a deep novel which illustrates the evil nature of the human character which can be seen in unpredictable and critic situations. Moreover, one can say that evil behaviour of the children on the island is the reflection of the evil actions of their parents and the whole grown-up human society. A perfect term paper is expected to be interesting and original. A student should read the novel and analyze it properly turning on his analytical and critical thinking skills.

It is important to understand the idea and the theme of the text to draw the right conclusions and provide the teacher with the high-quality professional analysis of the book.

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