The two keys to success – Term Paper

High school level work varies vastly from college level work which is why there are some tips and tricks to help a student succeed in college. Things that contribute to a student`s success includes, but is not limited to, a sleeping schedule, eating and exercising habits, building relationships with professors, tutors, and friends, and creating a healthy balance of fun and study time. This essay seeks to explore the tips and tricks to help a student manage his time efficiently, thus leading him to ultimately becoming a great student.

While there are many jokes about college students not sleeping as much as the average person, there is some valid truth behind the laughter. Many students find themselves spending their time in the library into the early hours of the morning cramming for a test, only to be sleep deprived a few hours later. This causes the coffee dependency and a weakened immune system. Some students end up with a serious sickness such as mono, or end up in the hospital from exhaustion and stress. A consistent sleep schedule is vital. One great way to keep consistency is to work on time management skills to keep the number of all night study sessions to a minimum. Another tip is to stay off any electronic devices an hour prior to falling asleep to help the brain unwind allowing for a restful sleep. Sleep is important in a college student`s life, and while it may be subject to laughter, it should be taken seriously considering the health risks a student could face. Consistency is key when it comes to sleep, and creating and maintain a balanced lifestyle is also important.

A balanced lifestyle is a healthy one regardless of whether a person is a student or not. As mentioned previously, sleep is vital. Having a balanced life style all goes back to having the skill of time management, which helps lower the stress from procrastination. Planning time effectively is something that every person must learn because later down the road, there will be deadlines a person must meet in his career. College students must learn to plan time accordingly for projects, homework, test, but also for fun and relaxation. Focusing too much on academics can actually cause student`s more stress because of the drive for perfection when it is not necessary. Spending too much time out having fun and putting of academics can cause a student to be put on academic probation. Students, especially at the college level, must learn to find their healthy balance considering every person is different. The importance of a balance lifestyle is key to becoming a successful student due to the fact that the fun times help lower the stress.

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Overall, there are two highly important tips to becoming a good student. First, a sleep schedule is necessary to succeed not only in college, but in a career. Followed by a sleep plan is a balanced lifestyle. These two concepts cannot always be taught, but rather, a person must go through the hardship in order to understand the importance of sleep and a balance. Sleep is vital for every person, especially college students as they live in a world of stress. A healthy balance of academics and fun times is necessary to keep stress levels down and grades up. In totality, the two keys to becoming a successful student are maintaining a sleep schedule, and time management to balance academics and fun times.