Term Paper on Malnutrition

Term Paper:

Malnutrition is the condition and a set of disorders which are caused by the insufficient eating or impropriate diet. As a rule, malnutrition is connected with the lack of vitamins and microelements in the food products essential for the human health. If one continues eating bad, there is a risk of the complete exhaustion of the organism, which is characterized with the dangerous processes which generally lead to death. The main reason of malnutrition is the unfavourable financial background of an individual. More often malnutrition is the common problem of the whole poor country. Everybody knows that more than a half of the population of the planet suffers from the insufficient eating and this half of the population is concentrated in the developing countries of Africa and Asia, mostly India and Pakistan.

These parts of the world are overpopulated and their economics is not developed enough to provide all the people with food. Then, malnutrition is also the problem of people who want to lose weight and keep to the wrong diets exhausting and ruining their organisms. Every diet should be planned by an expert and every diet has the individual character, so everyone should be careful with it. Malnutrition is the general term which contains other disorders and diseases called by hunger, for example, the insufficiency of vitamins is called avitaminosis, etc. Malnutrition is also caused by anorexia nervosa, diabetes, depression, alcoholism and other factors.

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Malnutrition is the biggest problem of the human civilization, because threatens millions of human lives. Evidently, the main factor which causes malnutrition is overpopulation as the resources of the planet are not unlimited, so people have to look for the wise solution to this problem. If a student wants to complete a successful malnutrition term paper, he should investigate the problem from all sides. It is fairly not enough to dwell on the medical side, but one should think critically and look for the roots of the problem which can be found in economics, overpopulation, lifestyle, ecology, etc. A good term paper should possess a logical structure, reliable information, effective methods of research and analysis. The conclusion for such a paper should contain possible ways out and solutions to the problem of malnutrition.

Term paper writing is a difficult process, because the paper is often big in volume and students simply can not compose a proper structure to it. With the help of the Internet and free example term papers on malnutrition students will manage to prepare good papers themselves. With the assistance of a free sample term paper on malnutrition it is easy to catch the idea of proper formatting, analysis and composition of the logical structure of the whole paper.