Term Paper on Optical Instruments for Angular Measurement

Instruments for Angular Measurement Term Paper:

Angular measurement is the process of measurement of the unknown angle of a certain object to a place or to other object, the side of the object. It is extremely important to measure angles if one expects to complete a high-quality product. Angular measurement is essential in engineering, building and medicine. When a certain machine is created, its parts should be done perfectly well in order to enable the parts of the great machine cooperate together without any problems. In order to make the ideal detail, one should measure its parameters professionally, including its angles. In aerodynamics the process of angular measurement is far more important, because the slightest error can cost lives. Every plane, rocket, space shuttle and device is supposed to possess an ideal construction and all angles and detailed should be planned and calculated well.

The same problem occurs with building. When one builds a small house, it is not tragic if the walls are situated not perfectly. But when engineers and architects plan the building of a skyscraper, every angle should be calculated and measured scrupulously, because the safety of thousands of people and the whole building will be threatened. The most common and effective instruments used for angular management are autocollimator, laser interferometer, goniometer, constant deviation prism and Dowell prism. All these optical instruments are used by the professional engineers who expect to complete their job successfully.

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