Term Paper on Racial Discrimination

Discrimination Term Paper:

Racial discrimination is the neglect and abuse of an individual on the basis of his race and ethnicity. Biologically, people are divided into several groups called races, which determine the color of skin and certain physical qualities and abilities of the organism. Naturally, from the time immemorial people who were surrounded by the representatives of their own race and did not see people of other ethnicity treated them like dangerous strangers. Later on with the run of time people started to travel and saw the variety of human beings in different parts of the world and got used to this variety and started to tolerate the representatives of every race. Unfortunately, many people have not got used to the biological variety even now and such a problem as racial discrimination exists.

The problem is really serious, because people of the racial minority suffer from neglect and violent attitude of the majority and can not live well in such a surrounding. Racial discrimination exists in every country of the world, no matter what the color of skin of the victim is. Racial discrimination can be observed in all spheres of human life, at school, hospital, police, public and private organization.

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It does not worth mentioning that the street is one of the most dangerous places for a racial minority person, because there are always gangs which attack and abuse people on the basis of their ethnicity.

Racial discrimination is a serious problem which requires solution, because it has bad impact on the human health and even life. Besides, the problem has a negative influence on economics. If the country or an area is known for racial discrimination, tourists from all over the world will be afraid of visiting this place and the country will lose much money. A well-analyzed term paper on the topic should be informative and contain reliable information. A student will need to spend much time reading articles in the Internet and high-quality magazines, newspapers and journals collecting data valuable for research. It will be a plus, if one creates the historical background of racial discrimination and tries to present good methods which will help with the solution of the problem.

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