Term Paper on World War 2

War II Term Paper:

The Second World War is the biggest war in the human history. This global war lasted from 1939 to 1945 but certain combats lasted till the end of 1946. The war involved more than thirty countries of the world which fought for the one of the two sides: the Alliance forces and the forces united around Nazi Germany. The war started in 1939 when German troops attacked the western part of Poland and conquered it. The Soviet Union kept calm at that time, because it had a treaty with the Nazi Germany which was based on the divide of the territories of Europe between these two countries. The USSR planned to receive the whole Eastern Europe and Nazi Germany the whole Central and Western Europe.

Great Britain and France decided to help Poland and fought against Germany. Very quickly the Axis union (Germany, Italy and Japan) conquered the majority of the states of Europe and only in 1941 the Soviet Union took the active part in the war, because Germany attacked its eastern territories.

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The war lasted 6 years in Europe, Asia, North Africa and the Pacific Ocean (the constant battles between Japan and the USA) and was harmful for the greater part of the world, because hundreds of millions of people paid their lives to restore the international peace. The World War 2 took many lives and left many counties in ruins. On the other hand the only positive thing about the war is the development of technology, because every country made a great contribution into the development of engineering, industry and machine building.

The Second World War is the important lesson for the whole humanity and it taught people the importance of maintaining peace. The topic of World War 2 is a difficult and serious one and if a student has chosen to research it, he should be ready to devote much time to the investigation process. One should research the topic soberly and define the cause of the war and its influence on the whole world. Students are required to analyze the structure of the combating sides, mention the most important battles which influenced the run of the war. Moreover, one should analyze the stereotypes about the war and conclude the paper wisely.

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