The Zookeepers Wife sparknotes – Term Paper

Topic: Family, Religion and the Zookeeper’s Wife Summary

United State has always been known to be of many religious circles. This is even as many statistics would show the proof of this claim. ABCNEWS shares the news from the recent poll which was 83 percent Christian lifestyle. According to ABCNEWS, this trend has become very common with many citizen practices Christian life with no knowledge of what the religion means. In the begging of 2014, ABCNEWS noted that religious conflicts are becoming very higher than the previous years. The news reveals that by the year 2012, the world recorded the highest number of religious conflicts (Fairchild & Hoxie 209). The reporter noted that this trend had been caused by ‘believers’ who pretend to join the faith but in the real sense do not understand what they follow. My discussion went further beyond the new and noted that religious discrimination had been the main abuse of the citizens who are affiliated with the minority religious group this paper discuss family, religion and the “zookeeper’s wife.”

An example of pro-natalist law is used in Singapore.  This law encouraged higher birth rate and was pushed by Singapore in 1988 offering 12 weeks maturity level for having 4 and above children. The law was adopted because of fall in birth due to declining of men and women to have families and instead decided to pursue their careers.  Following this decision, it is my thought that the government should not involve itself with the social values of the families but instead focus on offering a good education and good leadership and the people will respond positively.

Family life in the Zookeeper’s Wife

Family life in the book starts with Antonito and Jan who gets married and gives birth to one kid. After sometimes the family gets apart in pursuit of different interest. The mother goes to find a shelter for the safety of the child, and Jan seeks to help his fellow Jews from the hands of the Nazis.  There are two families portrayed in the book. The first is a formal family and the second is an informal family (Alpers, Svetlana, & Dora.)

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Jan finds a safe place for the families rescued in a Zoo. Here the family joins Antonito to a place where they considered safe. Later in the story, the Nazis attack the families.  Only three hundreds families get saved.  The story represents huge families what are not related by blood. These families are taken care of by Antonito Jan’s wife. Functions performed by these families is to give support system to each other. Their work is to reduce the level of fear posted by their common enemy. A formal family is a family consist of people who are not related by blood. It is a gathering that stays put due to a common problem shared by each member. This family may agree to share resources (Kunzel et al.)

The Zookeeper’s Wife review

Discus, the Way Religion, Can Be Viewed from One or More Paradigm

Functionalism, Conflict Theory, and Symbolic Interaction.

The view of religion in functionalist paradigm presents religion as a social stable and poses a description of religion as a mechanism used to maintain social stability in the society. The perception explains different ways family work together using religion to form solidarity. An example of this setting is the traditional perception of family units (Ackerman & Diane 217).  The setting viewed the father as a chief priest and the mother a nature of the family. This brings strong, and cohesion family that bond together and do not break. This family forms the smallest unit of society.

“Discuss religious beliefs, rituals, and totems from your religion or from “The Zookeeper’s Wife.”

Christian religious believe is based on the life and works of Jesus Christ.  The Christians believe that Jesus Christ died for them and will come again for the second time. Christianity believes in peace love and togetherness. Controversies and quarrel are not part of the belief shared by Christians. Christianity does not present any ritual but believes that the absolute ritual was performed by Jesus Christ. The actions portrayed in the zookeeper’s wife is an act of Christianity. This is because Christianity believes in doing good and the love of one another.  An example of totems in Christianity is when each and every one lives like a family. Christians view each other as having the same father who is God and belongs one kinship. This gives each and every member of the region a direct relationship.

Yes, I do think Zabinkas’s Christian faith has to do with events and actions in during the war.  This is because Christian faith shares a belief of doing well to each other. On the other hand, the Nazis use religion to justify their paradigms, but this is just using the religion for self-interest but not a clear understanding. For instance, some claim that there is a part of the Muslim faith that supports a holy war which involves keel innocent civilians. Although an argument may be posted to support this belief, it is very important to understand that this is not the true religion but a misconception.

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