Utility of Mathematics – Term Paper

Mathematical Discussion

Mathematics gets construed a science of an abstract nature that involves quantity, numbers, and even space. Its study can either get conducted within its rights or get applied to other fields (Bergen and Jeffrey 2). For example the areas of engineering and physics. Therefore, the paper gets founded on a mathematical discussion and covers aspects of interest and even expectations from the course. The task goes further to outline the significance of the order of operations and finally gives two examples of how integers can get used in the real world.

My interest in mathematics gets pegged to its diversity of application in reality. It entails various formulas that get applied to solve mathematical problems. It also touches on the order of operations that holds much significance within its domain. The importance of the operations gets realized in the simplification of expressions and equations (Koenig, Tussy and Gustafson 5). The operations go further to simplify various orders such as additions, subtractions, multiplications and even divisions. Apart from the significance of the order of operations, integers also get depicted in the mathematical field to hold much vitality. The assertion gets pegged to its ability to get applied in real life situation.  The first application of integers gets based on reading bank balances after cash withdrawals. For example, if one withdraws a total of $100 from the bank, it gets expected that the bank balance should get low by a negative integer of 100.  The second application in the real world gets based on the reading of body temperatures in health facilities and other readings from the field of the environment among others.

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In summary, Apart from mathematics getting construed as one of the courses examined in schools. It entails various utilities that get noted in the real world. The usefulness varies from the order of operations, integers and to other more detailed mathematical topics. A clear explanation of the utility of mathematics gets witnessed in the entire paper. 

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