V for Vendetta Term Paper

Paper on V for Vendetta:

V for Vendetta is a set of comics consisting of 10 issues written by Alan Moore in 1982-1989. The comics were illustrated by David Lloyd.

The action takes place in dystopian Great Britain of 1980-1990s. The key character of the graphic novel is the revolutionist who calls himself V and he tries to destroy the totalitarian regime attracting attention and support of the crowd. The novel describes the not far future of Great Britain which survived the nuclear war which destroyed the greater part of the world, though the world was destroyed not by the direct nuclear explosions and attacks but because of the ruining of infrastructure, floods and poor crop. In this future the fascist party called Norsefire murdered its rivals in concentration camps and rules the country having transformed it into the police state.

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V is the anarchist and revolutionist wearing Guy Fawkes mask, and he works hard to overthrow the government and persuade the people in their independence of ability to rule the state without the government. The theme of the graphic novel is quite popular nowadays, because the mysterious and radical V attracts mind of the young people. No wonder, in 2006 Warner Bros. created a screen version of the novel making it even more popular. The comics were written in the mid 1980s and were at first black and white and then obtained color becoming more beautiful for the readers.

Moreover, V for Vendetta is a thought-provoking novel which raises the topic of struggle against totalitarian regimes and unlimited powers of the government which oppress common people making them simple cogs of the system.

V for Vendetta is an interesting graphic novel which consists of no more than 10 issues but it does not decline its popularity with years. The student is able to look though the comics, study the main characters, analyze their behavior, think about the major motives and problems raised in the text and evaluate the importance of the novel for entertainment and background knowledge. It is possible to observe the comics from the point of view of art evaluating the quality of the images there. Finally, one should compare the comics with the screen version of V for Vendetta defining the advantages and disadvantages of both.

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