20th Century History Term Paper

Century History Term Paper:

The 20th century is an extremely important and interesting periods in the human history. The century was extremely rich in events, inventions and the improvement of the structure of the human civilization. The 20th century is based on the achievements and accumulated knowledge of the previous times. The century introduced serious and cardinal changed into the worldview of people because of the changes in economics, politics, ideology, culture, science, technology and medicine. The core economic success of the 20th century is the automating of the process of production, which enabled mass production of goods and maintained the process of globalization.

Furthermore, due to the rapid industrial development the world entered into the post-industrial society, where the most essential resource is information, what caused the development of computer technologies, the Internet and information technology.

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The first part of the 20th century was extremely tragic for the whole world, because the humanity survived two world wars and numerous local military conflicts, which caused millions of human deaths. On the other hand the wars were the stimulus to the rapid industrial development and research in the spheres of engineering, chemistry, physics, medicine, biology, etc. Furthermore, the fears of the wars influenced the worldview of people and numerous international organizations which are aimed at the protection of the human life and rights were established. The world started to respect the human life and tries to avoid further international military conflicts solving all the problems peacefully. The 20th century is associated with numerous inventions which have influenced the humanity greatly: numerous types of weapons, antibiotics (this invention reduces the rates of death and promoted to the growth of population), vehicles, plane, television, satellite, the Internet, computer, cloning, laser, etc.

The 20th century is the challenging and controversial period in the history of the humanity, because it introduced much violence but on the other hand numerous positive inventions which has made the life of people easier. A good term paper on 20th century history should describe the core events which occurred during this period and analyze the century soberly and objectively. One should evaluate the importance of the century for the further development of the human civilization and define the key changes in the worldview, political, economic and cultural life of the humanity.

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