7 things a good student should do – Term Paper

How to be a good student essay

Personal hygiene does not stop at bathing. Cutting your nails and brushing your teeth regularly are part of it too. The same principle applies to being a good student. It goes beyond passing examinations in flying colours.

Know Why You Are In School. You have come to acquire knowledge and good character, knowledge that will change the world, and character that will set you apart among your contemporaries. Therefore, read to learn, not just to pass examinations. And realize that your speech, dressing, and actions have to be beautiful before you can be called a good student.

Hit The Ground Running. It is better to gather the nutrients required by our body gradually, than to eat junk or starve for months, and then try to pump ourselves full of  nutritious foods in one swoop. Your academic and extra-curricular activities have to start at once. Are you are a talented singer? Your first week in school may be the best time to ask about any events in the school where you can showcase your craft.  Never wait until test dates are announced before you start reading. Start reading once you have your course outline.

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Indulge Yourself. Being a student is stressful, but you can make it easier for yourself. You do not have to achieve a hundred percent attendance record in all your classes. You have a life too. Rest. Miss classes once in a while. Attend to other events and activities. Love someone, healthily. Make intelligent, hardworking friends who love to be unserious sometimes. Above all, strike a balance.

Connect. Never say that you are a good student if during and after school, you do not have at least two people who you can count on. Never forget, all of you are headed to the top, and you may need to help someone climb, or be helped to climb now and then. Facebook is partly successful today because of the support it received from a close circle of people in its early days. Also, learn to listen to people. Do not just hear, listen with empathy. People want to be around you if you listen to them.

Be A Politician, Occasionally. Massaging the egos of others, taking sides while appearing to be neutral, getting to the core of information in your environment, occasional ass-kissing(yes), not being confrontational always, and generally being a part of most things in your school helps. Some teachers will not be happy if you criticise the wrong practices of your school`s management harshly on the school`s social media page, and the backlash for doing such may not be evident, but it can be significant. You cannot build a good connection of people if you do not know how these things work, and you cannot claim to be a good student if you exist in isolation. You do not have to strive to be unnecessarily popular, though.

Never Forget Home. Bad students get to school and get carried away by the new freedom they experience. Good students get to school and get carried away by frivolities, but save themselves from ruination by making it possible for those they left at home to call them to order now and then. Sometimes, the idea that your father will ask you about the assignment you complained about days ago, or that your sweet sister will laugh at you for wasting your pocket money on so many girls can actually make you to watch your steps. Our families help us to focus in many  ways that we do not even realise. 

A good student must know

Education is a major pillar of our diurnal lives. People escalate from one stage to another in the various learning institutions to become successful in their lives. Success in the modern era eminently depends on a person level of literacy and level of education exclusively. Acquisition of success in education has a fundamental requirement of being a good student. This involves putting tremendous effort to obtain exceptional results in every specific course/subject. The essential tips of being a good student are discussed below;

Maintenance of good attendance. Commitment to classes should be high priority and should outweigh all other temptations. Furthermore teachers` pay significant attention to the level of involvement students demonstrate throughout the lectures. These will be the same teachers that bestow letters of recommendation and will decline to vouch for you if you`ve barely attended lessons. They even mark the exam sheets and might just fail you. Furthermore a good student must draft educational goals and pursue them unconditionally. Educational goals give a student immense focus and sense of direction. They further incorporate a vital and positive academic attitude. These goals motivate the student to employ maximum effort to obtain the desired career aspirations. A good student should take and review notes. Notes during lectures should be taken in an organized understandable manner. These notes provide a basis of memorizing the concepts, retention and ability to pass the exams remarkably. Development of regular study time. Acquisition of a diurnal studying routine coupled with high level of consistency will yield excellent results for the student. This involves devoting at least two hours of your daily schedule to books with maximum concentration and in a conducive environment. Proper time management. Good students should effectively allocate time for the daily activities and express high level of punctuality to all school programs. Procrastination should be strictly avoided because it creates an overload of assignments, work and projects that in the end will be completed hurriedly and poor grades will be issued. Take full advantage of all institution resources. Every educational institution has resources like libraries laboratories which good students have to frequent to enrich themselves with free valuable information as a surplus to class notes in order to achieve marvelous results. Engage in fruitful discussions and focused discussion groups. Naturally our intellectual capacities differ such that some students understand quickly and the rest understand slowly and both kinds of students merge to form a team/discussion group to further understand the concepts their application and improve problem solving skills. 

Engage in more practice and attempt more exercises. Some courses require a lot of practice such as math`s physics and this requires the student to attempt many trial numbers and solve problems. This improves the problem solving skills and a student attains good analytical skills. Good students should exhibit high level of responsibility, activeness and ask questions in class. Good students should have active participation in class and ask questions to secure the knowledge they don`t have or seek to find. This helps them to attain full understanding of the concepts without any additional research.

Good students should maintain a smooth harmonious relationship with their tutors/lecturers because their goals are identical. The students find immense happiness in obtaining outstanding results as well as the tutors find great joy in helping the students achieve excellent results.

In conclusion students and their tutors should work together and tirelessly to achieve the results they desire.

A good student essay

The attitude a student develops while gaining a quality education will guide them for the rest of their lives. Achieving high marks while undertaking studies demonstrates dedication and hard work; invaluable traits for anyone that desires a well-paying occupation. All successful students have certain skills in their arsenal. This essay will evoke these skills and offer tips and tricks on honing said skills resulting in outstanding students.

 Study: There is no substitute

Students should study in the manner that is best suited to them. This involves determining the time of the day you are best primed for your most strenuous and important work. Do you work best in a group or alone? When studying, play it safe. Memorise more than what is deemed required. Practice old examination questions as examiners often repeat questions. However, be sure to understand (in your own terms) and cover the material from the entire syllabus as questions may overlap with several topics. Exercise, a healthy body will help you to be more alert and awake when you study.

 Self- Discipline

Human beings are creatures of habit. Therefore form habits that will be to your benefit. Habits worth adopting include studying for a set amount of time each weekday. This would require you to prioritise studying over hanging with friends when it is your allotted study time.

A good student should also read even when it is not an assignment as reading will increase comprehension and vocabulary. You should always attend classes and turn in assignments given on time. When you accomplish things that require your discipline reward yourself. When your habits bear fruit, this pay-off motivates you to remain disciplined. A great way to cultivate the habit of being disciplined is to focus on doing the little things you know you should do such as making your bed before you leave the house and picking up after yourself. As you discipline yourself to do the little things, you will become more disciplined in doing the bigger, more important things.

Time Management

Good time management involves reasonably estimating the time required to perform each of your tasks. Do not allocate one hour for revision when you need at least three to comprehensively grasp a topic. This skill requires you to do what actually needs to be done. Procrastination is your enemy, avoid it.

Taking on more than you can handle is frowned upon. Being a good student requires you to be diligent and thorough. Attempting to complete too many tasks at the same time will lead to poor results. Carry a schedule and record all the activities you have done for a day. This will allow you to see how much time is actually spent producing results and how much time is wasted on unproductive actions.

 Self control and consistency is key to the skills listed. Your ability to master the skills listed above will undoubtedly determine whether you are a good student or not. According to a 2013 study by Wilhelm Hoffman, people with high self control are happier than those without. Be the master of your own future.

A good student should be

I`m pretty sure we have all been in the struggle of trying to be a better student, right? It is totally ok, because with experience and as we further our education we gain skills and techniques that will help us achieve academic goals. In case someone needs some advice on how to be a better student there are three items that can every student can work on. We know that there will always be a tomorrow so with being on time is key, as the year progresses we turn in papers and receive back papers so that calls for being organized and finding a way to get a good sleep is essential for our everyday learning. Following these simple steps can help to enhance our school years.

First, being on time to class, school events and if part of school sports the clock is vital. An effective way to start to be on time is to set an alarm about 30 minutes before the time of the event starts. In that way, it gives you plenty of time to get ready and be 10 minutes early without having to worry. Being on time to classes prevents from missing important announcements being said at the beginning. Professors are big on attendance and it can go against your favor if being late is a tendency.

Second, we receive all kinds of papers and documents from school that need to be sorted and stored. I know many students struggle with being organized 100% of the time. But the good news is that being organized only takes the will to do it and effort. Instead of sticking papers in desk drawers or backpacks it will be smart if you get different colored folders that have inside pockets to store papers. That way they don`t get damaged and you know they are there for sure. It will also help if you get sticky notes and write what each folder stands for example, sport related paperwork, quizzes/exams, deadlines/syllabus etc.

Third, a busy student must prioritize every item that they know that needs to be done in that way they get their full 8 hours of sleep. Most students tend to do other stuff that cuts down on sleep for example, being on social media late at night. Since they get entertained with what they are seeing the brain is engaged in the activity at that time so the sleeping focus tends to fade away. Getting 8 full hours of sleep each night can help a student to concentrate in class way better compared to having 4-5 hours of sleep.

All in all, these are a few tips that students can follow to be better students in the classroom. If these steps are followed with a positive and productive attitude school life can be way easier to handle. Being able to take control of the circumstances that you know that you can control life can be less hectic. These actions that are easy to take forward will improve your ability to be more responsible in school. We need to make changes that we know that will benefit our present and our future.