Best toys for infants development – Term Paper

Best infant toys for development

Question one

Pop-Arty is an example of a toy that promotes cognitive behavior in infants. Pop-arty comprises of 500 different beads that have various colors, shapes, textures and sizes. They are used by children to make necklaces, bracelets, and a variety of rings of different shapes and sizes which make it attractive for handling by the infant and improvement of creativity.  

According to Sigmund Freud theory of cognitive behavior, the activities or events they undergo during their childhood are useful for their mental and emotional growth. This theory stipulates that child development is occurring in three stages. The child must pass through all the stages of proper growth and maturity.  The steps mentioned above are referred to as stages of psychosexual development, and appropriate toys help in every stage. (Laura E. Berk, Adena B. Meyers, 121). 

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Above: Pot-Arty (

Cognitive, emotional and physical behaviour are highly related. Their relationship cannot be ignored as far as development stages of the infants are concerned. Parents are advised to keenly consider these aspects of growth as they bring up their children.

Attachment theory in child care

Question two

• In the early stages of development, children get physically and emotionally attached to particular individuals or people. The attachment normally has the immense impact on their relationship and behavior. The people they get attached to first will influence their behavior so much. It is for this reason why mothers are always advised to be so close to their infants as they grow up (Laura E. Berk, Adena B. Meyers, 324).

• Attachment security in children can be created with an emphasis on routine and close relationship with caregivers. The more the caregiver creates typical behavior with the infants, the more the infants will have emotional security on the infant (Laura E. Berk , Adena B. Meyers, 336)

• Questions on theory

What are the relationship of child’s behavior and our ancestors?

To what extent are babies prepared to bond with their care providers?

What are the roles of mothers on attachment with their babies?

What makes children be insecurely attached to their biological parents?

; I have learned that attachment is a critical association between the infant and caregiver or mother that determines whether they will grow to be sensible people in the society or corrupt individuals.;

; Is attachment necessary for child development?

; I found choosing a toy to discuss about this assignment most challenging. This is because the toys available serve the same purpose.;


Laura E. Berk, Adena B. Meyers. Infants and Children: Prenatal through Middle Childhood (8th Edition) Illinois State University. Pearson Publishers. 2016.

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