Pharmacy School Personal Statement – Term Paper

I have had a huge interest in science from the first time I started learning about it in its various existing spheres. Going back to the period that I was in elementary school, I had a burning passion for finding out how the human body functions regarding the different reactions to various stimuli in individuals. I am highly motivated by looks of hope and satisfaction on people’s faces when they receive solutions to their problems, whether temporary or permanent. I am interested in learning more about pharmacy since it is a combination of mathematics and other sciences in search of medical solutions to various conditions and infections. A career in pharmacy will, therefore, foresee that I get to interact with and help people from different races, backgrounds, and statuses suffering from diseases and that I also get to operate in the field of medicine at the same time.

My passion for exploring the human body led me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in biology, where I gained valuable knowledge not only in biology but also in mathematics and chemistry. This will highly grow my pharmaceutical career. I would like to understand more on the science behind combining different chemicals into innovative medicines and the mathematical concept behind administering different dosages for various infections. I strongly believe that my choice of subjects at the college level will be beneficial in my line of study and have a positive impact on my future.

In chemistry, I enjoyed performing experiments and learned how to make accurate readings on laboratory equipment like burettes. I also gained evaluative skills for analyzing results from experiments since I liked studying different reactions and the complexities in organic compounds that made them vary. This has highly motivated me to study clinical pharmacy so as to be on the forefront of medicine development and have direct contact with both the laboratory and the patients. I understand that an aspect of organic chemistry that involves the purification of organic compounds is applied in the drug manufacturing process. On a larger scale, however, the steps of purification (distillation of the organic compound, recrystallization, and drying) have to be followed very keenly and with utmost caution. Accuracy and hygiene are of paramount importance so as to avoid any contamination of drugs, which may in turn cause negative side effects to the users.

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In preparation for embarking on learning about my lifelong career, I involved myself in activities related to achieving this goal. For instance, I had experience working as a pharmacy technician where I played different roles. For example, I was engaged in patient communication and customer service. I was also handling insurance policies and claims while still carrying out other tasks such as inventory management. In my role, I was tasked with the calculation of the required therapies for patients as well as preparing and dispensing the prepared medications. My role as a pharmacy technician also included managing patient records and ensuring compliance with the existing policies. As a result of this exposure, I am now convinced that as a pharmacist, I will be in a position to deliver more and contribute towards the development of policies and regulations that will enhance the existing practice.

My training in healthcare management has enabled me to gain insights in the administrative procedures that are involved in the health industry. As a result, once I obtain my training in pharmacy, I will not only contribute towards the operational aspects but also I will also be a resourceful person in terms of development of policies and procedural models for use in the organization where I will be working. My experience as in client care coordination at Lighthouse Healthcare will also be of great use in my career as a pharmaceutical professional. The role exposed me to patient related issues as I provided customer services to the patients based on the prioritization of their needs. The skills will be useful when handling the drug needs of the patients as I will be in a position to identify the needs that should be addressed first in order to ensure that the patients are happy with my services. Given that during my experience I was able to learn how to assess a patients’ background before serving them, the skill will be useful for me as a pharmacist as I will not target my care to the drugs needed by the patients but also develop measures that address the issues causing the illnesses at home. My exposure to several healthcare administrative platforms and software programs will also be a critical skill in enabling me to make contributions on how the pharmaceutical industry can adopt more technological advances that can allow it to continue to grow.

I would like to be a part of the rapidly growing innovation in medicine breakthroughs by contributing to the development of antibiotic drugs. All the information that I gained from studying the biological effects of antibiotics on bacteria and also the formation of resistance to medicines that occurs in different species of bacteria will enable easy transition into the world of pharmacy. I would also like to understand how drugs reach their desired point of action in the body, what properties make them be distributed to these areas and how they emanate their curative effects. I possess professional essay writing skills which enable me to analyze competently, synthesize and compile raw information into some orderly data.

I believe that all the experiences I have encountered have helped me adopt a result-oriented and holistic approach to problem solving. I feel that I possess all necessary skills to handle both medicine and patients. I am confident and fully motivated to face all the challenges to move forward with my academic journey towards my dream career of becoming a professional pharmacist. With a high level of commitment and dedication now evident in my day-to-day life, I can firmly say that I am able and prepared to deal with any shortcomings that I may face along my school work and career path. Once I complete the training, I will dedicate my time to research and mentoring other persons who demonstrate a desire to join the profession so that they can also establish their careers in the pharmaceutical industry. The efforts to mentor other individuals to create a desire for working in the pharmaceutical industry will have enabled me to play the role of advancing the profession which is a goal that I have set for myself. I will also consider obtaining a postgraduate degree in the same area so that I can be in a position to make substantial contribution to the development of the profession.