Biology Term Paper

Paper on Biology:

Biology is the system of sciences which have the aim to study and investigate the living forms of all kinds and their connection and interrelation with the environment. Biology studies all the aspect of life, the structure, composition, functioning, growth, origin, evolution and the spreading of the living beings on the planet in particular. Biology classifies and describes the species of the living organisms and describes their relation with the natural environment. As a separate science, biology appeared in the 19th century, when the scientists discovered that all the living organisms possess common features. In the foundation of biology there are five key principles: cell theory, evolution, genetics, homeostasis and energy. Cell theory is the first theory and it studies cells and proves that every organism consists of at least a one cell. The cells grow and divide and as a result the organism grows in size.

Biology studies the structure and the functions of cells and their coexistence with other cells in the environment. The theory of evolution shows the process of the changes and development of organisms during the long run of history. Only the organisms with the most appropriate characteristics for survival remain on the planet. Genetic theory describes the impact and the value of genes on organisms, because due to genes organisms have their identity which is inherited by the further generations. Homeostasis is the complex of the physical processes which enable the organism support its life in spite of the changes in the natural environment.

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Biology is the fundamental science which studies life in all its aspects, that is why it is necessary to know everything about it. When a student is asked to prepare a good biology term paper, he should devote much time to it to study the discipline and its key points, aspects and questions in detail. The paper is expected to be informative, logical, interesting and should contain only high-quality and up-to-date facts. The topic is quite vast, so a student will need to create a logical structure for the paper and define the key problems which he is going to explain in the paper. One should explain the purpose of the discipline and define its value for the humanity.

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