How to Get a Girl to Like You Using Your Sense of Humor

Ways on how to get a girl to like you can sometimes be so overwhelming that trying to do a single one can be too challenging and difficult already. But there are simple ideas that are easy to follow if you re really eager to win her attention. Of course girls want attractive men, but they go deeper than that. They would fancy men who dress up impressively, but they are more interested on smart men with many ideas to share. It s been established that girls not just like men who look good but also feel good about themselves.

You could try to apply these ways on how to get a girl to like you. First, understand that men are different from women, and that most women don t always tell exactly what they want. It is always important for men to read between the lines. Girls sometimes don t truly mean what they say and wait for a guy to guess what s inside their mind, or simply try to see if a guy is sensitive enough to understand her feelings. This attitude of women probably came from their need to have assurance that a guy truly loves them by being sensitive of their needs.

It might sound complicated but this truly works on how to get a girl to like you especially if you ve known a girl for a long time and has already built a friendship with her. Another way on how to get a girl to like you is to offer simple praises or compliments. Compliment her outfit, appreciate her hairdo, or do simple gestures like giving her a favorite slice of cake or a piece of flower spontaneously even if there s no special occasion. This thoughtfulness will definitely melt her heart and make her feel special and can certainly earn you a spot in her heart.

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Having a good sense of humor can also be a key on how to get a girl to like you. Cracking a joke could be an ice breaker if you are not yet introduced. If you get a girl to smile then that adds score on your side. You could already take this chance to begin a conversation with her. But you also have to be a little careful on trying to be funny. Having a sense of humor is not really difficu> it may just take a little change on your mood. If you start a day right, which means feeling light and happy, then things will follow, like having a good sense of humor.

Being positive and taking some things lightly could attract a girl and get her to like you. How to get a girl to like you doesn t have to be complicated, it could be simply feeling good about yourself and learning how to appreciate everything around you and everything else follows. As they say, the law of attraction is just a change in mindset, being positive and thinks that you will be able to get what you want if you claim that it s yours. This principle could also work on how to get a girl to like you.