Linguistics Term Paper

Paper on Linguistics:

Linguistics is the discipline which studies human languages. The discipline studies the human language in the whole and all languages of the world. Evidently, human languages are divided into the certain groups which have some similar features and common elements. For example, there are many similarities with the English and French or German languages which have common roots of the words, mostly the nouns and verbs. Linguistics is divided into two broad branches: theoretical and practical linguistics. Theoretical linguistics studies the nature of the human language, divides the world languages into the categories and groups which common features, studies every language in particular.

Every language has its own semantics, phonetic system, grammar and theoretical linguistics studies all these questions and show how the ideal variant of the language should look like. In comparison with the theoretical linguistics practical linguistics studies the language in use, because the language can not exist in the ideal condition, as every person uses his own variant of the language. Then, practical linguistics studies the methodology of studying a foreign language, the types of handwriting, graphics, transliteration and the problems of translation.

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Linguistics is quite an ancient discipline, because the ancient people of Greece and India already tried to learn foreign languages and tried to understand the nature of human language. With the run of time a great number of language schools appeared which suggested various approaches to the research of a language. Today structuralism is considered to be the right approach to the research of the nature of human language. Its founder, Saussure, suggested the idea, that every language is a complicated structure which consists of small parts, which build a great system.

Linguistics is a very important discipline which tries to answer the questions about the origin and structure of the human language. Linguistics term paper of the highest quality should be interesting, possess logical structure and contain up-to-date data from the reliable sources. A student should do his best to research the topic well, point out its key elements, explain the importance and value of linguistics for the human knowledge and analyze every key aspect of the discipline illustrating its strong and weak sides. Finally, every student should present the methodology of the discipline to show his knowledge and awareness about its practical side.

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