Marketing Techniques and Research – Term Paper

Task 1


Cadbury was started as a manufacturer of milk chocolate in 1897 and is today the largest confectionary organization in the world. Its vision is to have an equitable and peaceful society that has no discrimination and is based on social justice principle to all. It focuses on making many chocolate products as well as improving the quality of the chocolate products it has. It started as an importer of chocolates in India in 1948 and has grown to 5 Cadbury-owned manufacturing facilities. It has many stores around the world and is a company that makes up to 20% of revenue growth annually. The company ensures that its products is made of real chocolate and has a competitive pricing strategy where they do not increase prices but instead reduce the quantity. It also has a wide range of products such as cakes, biscuits, desserts and ice creams which are strategies they use to market their products. It focuses on making more sales and diversifying in their products to earn a larger market share in the confectionary industry as well as higher profits.

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Cadbury has used various growth strategies. It has used product development where it has come up with new products such as biscuits, desserts and cakes. It has enabled them serve more customers apart from their chocolate bars ones. It has also made products from customers suggestions which have made them ensure they fully satisfy their customer base (Chandrasekar 2010). It has also used market development through promotions and discounts to attract non-customers to purchase their products. Diversification is also a strategy Cadbury has focused on because it has various chocolate brands such as Cadbury crunch, Bournville and Eclairs. Market penetration through more marketing strategies has made them gain higher market shares in their existing markets.

The company is using some survival strategies to retain their customers and profits. It is coming up with newer brands after some years to introduce their customers to other products that may please them. The company has also focused on all age groups as their customers to ensure their products are purchased by all. Cadbury has the ability to market products by changing the functionality continuously. It has changed the designs of its wrappings and used messages that could be used to pass on information to others. It has done this through customizing its products for holidays such as Easter, Mothers and fathers day, Christmas and Valentines Day which have enabled hem have high sales during these events. The branding has influenced buyers to buy more products on these holidays to ensure they wish their loved ones happy holidays or other special messages. It has also positioned itself uniquely in the market against most of its competitors hence more sales. Cadbury has relationship marketing because it focuses on making more sales hence needs to create a relationship with the buyer to ensure he or she comes back to purchase products from the company.

Fountains Abbey

Fountains Abbey is one of the best Cistercian monasteries found in England. It is owned by the National Trust and has operated for over 400 years before Henry VIII ordering for the monasteries dissolution. It was identified as a world heritage site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and was recognized because of being a masterpiece of human beings creativity. It is an exemplary example of an architecture ensemble that indicates significant stages of the human history. It has been used as a film location in films such as A History of Britain, Maid of Orleans and Antiques Roadshow. It has used platforms supported by the National Trust to advertise its features and the designation by the UNESCO has promoted it thus a marketing strategy for the monasteries. It focuses on attracting more tourists and filmmakers who enable England earn revenues through it.

Fountains Abbey has used market penetration as a growth strategy. It is a fun place where a family can visit and have adventures or can be a place of tranquility where a person would feel he or she can stay away from the hustles of todays world. It has over 350,000 visitors annually and targets more each time. The site focuses on growth through adverts and referrals. To survive in the tourism industry, the national trust ensures the exceptional landscape of the site is looked after to ensure future generations can have a chance to view the inspirational place (Dobson & Birkett 2010). It has ensured the gardens of the Studley Royal Park that has ponds, canals, lawns, cascades and hedges are well maintained to keep it a spectacular site thus building its customer base in partnership with English Heritage under a guardianship agreement.

The abbey has 54 buildings and structures that are listed as buildings that have special architectural and historical interest by the Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas Act 1990. It is also considered as a grade 1 site in England on the English Heritage Register of Parks and Gardens. Various agencies such as North Yorkshire County Council and English heritage protect the estates artifacts and chattels collection. It assures customers that the place is well taken care of and is among the best sites one could visit hence brand positioning itself as a grade 1 site. The abbey focuses on relationship marketing because it needs its customers to frequent the place annually to raise enough funds for its conservation.

Task 2

Cadbury has used various marketing strategies that have enabled it prosper in the market. It has distribution areas around the world which has enabled more people access the companys products easily and faster. It has also customized its products during holidays which has seen Cadbury realize more sales in such times thus more profits. There are also various products it offers apart from chocolate which have widened the customer base of the company. Promotions have been made to promote Cadburys products such as discounts when one buys in bulk.

The company has faced competition over the years from upcoming brands. Its products seem to be priced higher than some competitors products. It has made the company lose some consumers due to lack of changing price. The company has also reduced quantity of the chocolates instead of adding price to compensate for their costs of production and profits which have made some customers feel unsatisfied with the products.

Fountains Abbey has support from various agencies and organizations that have helped it maintain its look despite its old age. It has used avenues such as the UNESCO and Englands government to market it which makes it attract more people because the organizations are trusted by many people. The abbeys is also rated as one of the best historic sites in the world which makes many people want to visit the place to view this spectacular area of England. It has however faced some challenges due to some strategies it has taken. The abbey requires a minimum number of people to visit the area at once to ensure they do not destroy the landscape. There is also a limitation on the number of cars that visit the place hence could discourage many people from visiting the place due to the restrictions put under place to protect the design and landscape of the area.

Similarities and differences

Cadbury and Fountains Abbey practice relationship marketing where they create relationships with the customers to make them long-term clients for the businesses. They are also focused on making more revenue and expanding their customer base in the world. They are however different because Fountains abbey is a historic site that many come to visit as a tourist attraction site or for relaxation and studies. Cadbury on the other hand offers confectionary products. Both target different customers because Cadbury focuses on purchasers of their products but Fountains Abbey needs customers who travel to view the place. Their marketing strategies are therefore different. Cadbury and Fountains Abbey therefore have their marketing strategies that have enabled them survive in the market despite the competition they face among other challenges.


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