Several ways to be a great student – Term Paper

These days, being a good student is trickier than ever before. With you cell phone always buzzing with the latest gossip and our professors always piling work onto your plate, it can feel impossible to keep up. It can feel like you`re drowning under all of your responsibilities and this feeling of disorganization and stress will be noticeable in the work you turn in and the tests you take. Fortunately there are several ways to keep your GPA up, (while also keeping yourself sane) such as ensuring that you are always keeping reminders for yourself, getting enough sleep, studying properly for exams, and spending time with the people you care about.

First things first. Write everything down. Put it in a phone, planner, or put it on stickie notes to put up in your room; just do not trust yourself to remember when your next assignment is due. It might seem easy when the year is first starting, but once the assignments, projects, and tests start rolling in forgetting even one assignment can have a big impact on your grade. Writing down the assignment will both see to it that you remember about the assignment, and help you to prioritize assignments and keep yourself organized.

Next, when you`re so busy it can be easy to let your own health fall through the cracks. Sometimes it just feels like you cannot possibly stop and go to bed now, but you need too. All-nighters and sleep deprivation can be fatal and the exhaustion you are suffering will be all to visible in the work you are giving your professors. You may find later that you made mistakes that you otherwise would not make or that you were so bleary that you missed an entire portion of the assignment all together. Do yourself a favor and budget yourself time to sleep a solid eight to ten hours a night.

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Another tip is to avoid cramming as much as possible. Studying a little bit every night will help you to retain the information better and avoid unnecessary stress. A better option is to give yourself checkpoints for the whole week up until the test. Study every night until you meet those checkpoints and then save the night before the test for some much needed sleep. The night before the test review your notes carefully, trust yourself that you know the information, and then get some rest. Just before the exam review any notes you feel nervous about and then walk into that test knowing that you are fully prepared to ace it.

 Lastly, do not make your homework your whole life. Get your work done well, and on time, but make sure that you are giving yourself time with the people you care about. Do not forget that the people you are surrounded by are the people who shaped who you are. Spending time with them will help keep anxiety and stress down so that when it is time to finish your work or study for that test you are in the right place emotionally. Your peers are arguably the most important teachers in your life, make use of them. Overall, being a good student sounds a lot harder than it really is. If you remember to organize yourself well, sleep when you need too, try not to cram before tests, and spend time with your peers, you will do great. Now throw on that backpack, have a great year, and bring home some perfect report cards.